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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Will it ever really....

.... Snow?


Blogger Bata Strikes....

Their going to make me switch.... I'm slowly becoming more and more convinced that google is evil....


Monday, January 29, 2007

"Nice Block by #74, the Sheep...."

For all the football fanatics that are still having to carry around towels to wipe up the puddles that form whenever you remember last Sunday night RCA dome tragedy.... more football game videos! These videos were taken long over a year ago (December 2005) in a football game with some of our friends and a sheep. Yeah, it wanted to play too.... really, I'm not kidding. The sheep made more then one really good block. One time it did a lead block for me that took out David and I scampered 30 plus yards for a touchdown....(yes- true story)...

You can view them all here

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

I want global warming back!

Really, who likes 10 below weather?


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Remember the Friars?

Who are the Friars? What's basketball? I guess it doesn't matter as long as it makes me forget that the Patriots lost.... Last night some of my siblings, a few friends (that could take us to the game) and I went to a PC Friars basketball game. I guess I can now say what it feels like to just enjoy a sports game without any stress. I could have cared less which team won. I was the epitome of the worst type of fan a team can have.... Even though the Friars lost a close game I never once felt any feelings of tenseness like I do when I watch a Patriots game or even listen to a Yankees Vs. (AL east 3 place) Dead Sox game. It was fun anyways, plus free (someone gave my Dad the tickets).... The Friars lost 73 to 82.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Round Three - Knocked Out

Not much to say. The Colts just wanted to win more. The Patriots never got the running game going and were forced to kick too many field goals in the second half. Pats lose 38 to 34.

Great season Patriots! 12 & 4 with 2 wins in the playoffs isn't bad. With a decent draft and offseason signings (linebacker - maybe two new fast linebackers??) this team is Super Bowl bound. The future looks bright - the sun is not setting....

Next year!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ingrid - destroyer of bottles


Friday, January 19, 2007

Patriots Vs. Colts Preview

It's amazing how insignificant this game feels - to Patriot fans. I don't know whether it's because the Patriots have already proved enough by beating the Chargers and whatever happens now is just a bonus. Maybe it's because the Patriots have already beaten the Colts and Payton Manning enough that it winning against the Colts is sort of like walking - not that amazing anymore. Either way - no matter what happens Sunday at 6:30 it means a lot more to Colts fans then it does to Patriots fans. Who knows - this game may Payton Manning last chance at a Super Bowl championship.

This game is going to depend on one thing - the Patriots ability to run the ball. If Laurence Maroney, Kevin Faulk and Corey Dillon can run the ball effectively against the cheesecake Colts run defense (worst in the NFL) then this game is over for Indy. If the Colts stuff the Pats running game then expect a nail biter and perhaps a Patriots loss. Both of the last times the Patriots played the Colts, Indy has effectively shut down the Pats running game and the Colts have come out victorious.

The Tom Brady Vs. Payton Manning angle on any game inbetween the Colts and Pats is usually overrated since they don’t actually line up opposite each other but its not being over hyped this time. At least according to my prediction… My prediction is that Payton Manning will send the Patriots to the Super Bowl by throwing an interception at the end of the first half to Tom Brady on a “Hail Mary” pass that will be returned for a touchdown by Vice Wilfork (Tom Brady will lateral the pigskin to Vice at the 50 yard line to run in the rest of the way). There will be no more scoring in the second of the game. Pats win 77 to 69. (Adam Vinateri missed an extra point)

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yet Another Football Video....

Matthew asked for another one so here it is. This is a 4th down play again towards the end part of the game. We're just about on our one yard line with Nate as the QB. On this play I ran a straight go rout while you can see Michael is running a slant towards the first down marker. Unfortunately - the pressure (in the form of Ryan) gets to Nate and he is forced to throw the ball up for grabs. This is where the play gets interesting. Josh in an attempt to get an interception jumps and knocks the ball down in front of Peter waiting for the interception also (I had gotten past both of them). Not much for stats but the smart thing to do (if he was really trying to knock it down) - if one of them had actually made the interception they would have had the ball at the 50 yard line instead of our 5. Also strange things like, uumm, fumbles(think Chargers...) can happen also...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Non Football Post

This is a non football related post. Warning. Do not choke on it. It is made up of small parts that can be swallowed by anyone including small children.

According to there is a chance that we could actually get some snow Tuesday. My only question is what's snow? Is it that anthrax looking stuff?

The last time it snowed (an the only time so far) was December 4. That means it hasn't snowed for 43 straight days.

I've been researching NATO all year due to the fact that it's the NCFCA debate topic but my partner (Aidan) and I still haven't totally figured out what case we're going to do. Last year we just almost randomly chose one and did pretty well with it but this year we're looking for the almost perfect one. It's not like we're reforming the UN though.... that would be fun....

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Round Two - Chargers Get Zapped Out of Playoffs

Before the game started yesterday I jokingly mentioned to someone that I was hoping that "this game wouldn't be one of those they show in the greatest NFL games ever videos". I didn't get my wish. Yesterday’s game was one of the closest games the Patriots have ever played and perhaps their greatest comeback ever. Yeah, they have comeback from more points down in less time - but did those games come against any 14 & 2 team playing at home with a nine Pro Bowlers on its roster not to mention the current NFL MVP? I still haven't been able to figure out whether it was more the Chargers lost the game or the Patriots won the game but regardless - the Pats won. Next week Indy (and Peyton Manning)....

Just some game notes

Stephen Gostkowski is still perfect in the playoffs. He's hit the long one the short ones and doesn't even make me nervous when he's kicking anymore.... Who needs Vinatieri anyways? Oh yeah - the Colts....

By beating the Chargers the Patriots also beat their fifth MVP that they have played in the playoffs. Kurt Warner (2001), Peyton Manning - Steve McNair (co MVP's 2003), Peyton Manning (2004), LaDainian Tomlinson (2006).

Jabar Gaffney is the leading receiver in the playoffs with 207 yards. Pretty good for a guy that no one wanted and didn't even start the regular season on a teams roster. And it's not like the Patriots passing offense is simple either - just ask Chad Jackson....

For Marty Schottenheimer it was "the drive", "the fumble", and now "the interception". Poor guy.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Patriots Vs. Chargers Preview

Isn't it interesting that once again the Patriots are playing the game of the week. This week the Pats opponent is the AFC best 14 - 2 San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have two reasons for their success - an offense that scores points like their playing basketball and a defense that treats quarterbacks like piñatas. The Chargers overall are pretty strong in all areas of their team (remember, their 14 & 2 for a reason) but just as any other team they do have problems - only smaller ones.

First problem that the Chargers have is their secondary - expect Tom Brady to put up some good numbers on this unit. Quentin Jammer and Drayton Florence the Bolts CB's aren't the worse defensive backs in the NFL but they certainly aren't among the best in the league. It’s going to take an above average game from these cornerbacks if the Chargers want to make Tom Brady lose his composure and get frustrated like he did in the games vs. Denver and Miami.

The second area of weakness for the Chargers is the inexperience of Phillip Rivers. How well the first year quarterback will play the first playoff game of his career is a complete mystery. Some quarterbacks have a hard time adjusting to the stress of the playoffs - Ben Rosenburger who performed well all season played terrible in both his first and second playoff performances before he settled down a year later and won the Super Bowl. My point is that Rivers could do really well or really terrible. No one knows. The time off in between the regular season and this week that he’s had to sit around thinking about all the things that could go wrong probably doesn't help his game readiness either.

Now as far as the Patriots; they have to throw the ball effectively to win this game. This includes the short passes and screens that the Pats excel at. One way to shut down Shawn Merriman (the Chargers best defensive player, OLB, 17 sacks on the season) is to send out 5 receivers wide and then force the Chargers to use Merriman in coverage on a running back that is most likely faster then him. Another importing thing for the Patriots to do is pressure Phillip Rivers and get into his head early in the game. Squish the pocket and make him lob the ball up for grab and hope Asante Samuel is somewhere near it. Oh another small thing - stop LaDainian Tomlinson. I believe that just like the Colts shut down Larry Johnson last week the Pats can stop MVP and Offensive Player of the year Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson (LT). Bill Belichick was able to shut down Marshall Faulk when he was at his best in Super Bowl XXXVI with his defense game plan, he'll have a plan to minimize the damage that Tomlinson will do.

My prediction is that the Patriots will win 11 to 4 with the game clinching points coming off a tipped pass that Tom Brady will catch and run with for a 34 yard touchdown. The Chargers will score their four points on a field goal and a missed touchdown and completed extra point....

Stop the run and the game is won

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Hooray for the lucky visitor!

SNS News is now officially past the 10,000 hit mark. Aren't we modest.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Future of Iraq

Michelle Malkin has some pictures from Iraq on her blog portraying the human side of things over there.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tyrannical Response

Uneasy about the prospect of a troop surge, I found tonight's speech helped ease my concerns, and even indicated several promising developments.

  1. The President is listening
    "We consulted.... And one message came through loud and clear."
    Avoiding Clinton's obsession with polls, Bush held his ground in face of fierce outside pressure. But there is a place for hearing and responding to objections, which can refine a good plan and make it great.

  2. We will not be in Iraq forever
    "I have made it clear to [Iraq's leaders] that America's commitment is not open-ended."
    Stating the obvious, which is sometimes necessary.
  3. We are not blowing our departure deadline to the terrorists
    The moment you reveal your deadline, you're fried. Tash pointed out that when Kissinger announced that the Vietnam war would be over in a month, the Viet Cong knew that survival for one more month meant victory. Too many people have died to make this negotiation blunder now. [Click here for the full transcript]

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Yes it's a touchdown! - No it isn't....

This is a short clip of a play in the football game we had a few weeks ago. I believe this was one of the last plays of the game - and it was also a 4th down play which makes it significant (this was the play before the below one...)

Great job defense! Now we can turn around and turn the ball over or something so we can do it again....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 9th

Got attacked by a chicken, did math, took pictures, worked on uncooperative Airsoft gun, hardly thought about Florida’s Gators bambosting of Ohio State all day... Must be January 9th.

More Pictures

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Round One - Patriots Crash Jets Playoff Hopes

The Patriots had a riot Sunday in their first playoff game defeating the New York Jets 37 to 16 in a game that was closer then the score tells - but not as close as the score tells. It’s really not too complicated - but it’s very complex. Chad Pennington was good - but on the other hand - he was terrible. It was the best of times and the worst of times. It was Pats vs. Jets. New York vs. New England.

I taped yesterdays game due to the fact that I knew that I was going to miss it. It was kind of strange knowing that the game was over but not knowing who won as we watched the game. The strangeness of it all was further compounded by the fact that it was pitch black outside and it was all sunny skies in Foxboro - on the TV screen. Hey - there was one big advantage though of watching it taped - no real breaks in the game. Commercials, obvious penalties, replays of plays we didn't want to see - "fast forward please". . . . The game only took a brisk two hours to watch in full (counting some of the pre-game).

As far as the game - great job by the Patriots. The play calling was some of the best the coaching staff has done all season. They let Tom Brady do what he does best the whole game, dumping off short pass's to open receivers and not making mistakes. The running game was also very effective totaling over 140 yards between Laurence Maroney, Corey Dillion and Kevin Faulk. Kevin Faulk had a great game blocking, running and catching the ball. Also someone forgot to tell the Jets that Vice Wilfork is the 2d coming of Jerome "the Bus" Bettis.

Someone also neglected to inform the Jets that Jabar Gaffney was going to have an All Pro like day. Gaffney formerly known as "yeah, that guy, what’s his name?" caught eight footballs for over a hundred yards. That’s the great part about the playoffs - unknown players become playmakers and great regular season players like you know who, show that the playoffs aren't for everyone. Great win - Chargers up next in round two.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

White Stuff MIA! Suspect Named....

Where did the snow go? It's only snowed once - only once - all year and that was less then an inch and it melted before you could say "Democrats take over congress". The only reason I can think up of why it hasn't snowed is because God is angry at Rex for his inconsistent posting. Rex can redeem himself only by joining the local Polar Bear club and jumping into the Alantic Ocean, then afterwards writing a brilliant post strongly urging us to do the same. Then - and only then will it snow. Rex the choice is up to you.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Art of Collision

Since SNS News is always trying to find new ways to better meet the needs of its illustrious audience, our labs (aka Aidan) have developed a new calculator to help you determine how hard you need to block in order to push your opponent backwards, as opposed to vice-versa.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Patriotic Time

It's NFL playoff time and that means it's time to think Patriotic! The Pats did a great job of winning vs. the Titans yesterday to keep their chances of getting the third seed alive and almost had it fall to them but it turned out that the Colts won and the Pats finished as the 4th. That means that Patriots will face the Greedy Green J-E-T Jets! Jets! Jets! next week in a intriguing rematch. The last time that Pats played the Jets the Patriots lost the game 14 to 17 at home on a field so muddy that you could drown in it (the Patriots soon after that game replaced the mud with FieldTurf). That game was also the first time in something like three seasons that the Patriots lost two games in a row. Doug Gabriel’s big fumble in that game lost him his job as a Patriot even though he ranked fourth on the team in receptions as of then - Bill Belichick wanted that game bad. Really bad.

Bill Belichick isn't going to let his guys lose this game this time. The Patriots are built to win in the playoffs - and on the same note Bill Belichick knows how to play-call in the playoffs. His record as a coach in the postseason is amazing. His overall playoff record is 11 – 2. But here’s the good part – as the Patriots coach - he has won the Super Bowl three out of the four times his team has made the playoffs. There shouldn't be any worries about the coaching - he'll have the team ready.

So based on the fact that Bill Belichick is the Patriots coach, that the Patriots are looking great, and that Chad Pennington has a weaker arm then my sister I'm going to predict that the Patriots will prevail 8 to 2 and Tom Brady will drop-kick a extra point after Vinny Testaverde runs back a kickoff 109 yards for a touchdown....

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