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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mountain Dew...

I took this picture last Saturday when we were doing some shooting outside. And yes - it's the target - not David behind it.

Perspective.... Hmmmmmm


Monday, November 27, 2006

Pat's feed on Bears

What a game... The Patriots offense tried hard to lose this game but their defense just wouldn't let them. Unlike the other games in which the Patriots turned over the ball - the Pat's defense didn't pout when they had to go back out on the field when they should have been watching a touchdown. They just played harder - it showed. They had four takeaways in the game including three interceptions from Asante Samuel. Richard Seymour also had a huge game with a blocked field goal, sack and fumble recovery (at the Patriots 12 yard line).

Overall a great game to watch - but I hope next week they'll give us a breather and win a blowout or something....

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The porch monster

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Have a great Thanksgiving!

It was the day before Thanksgiving....

And all through the town
Not a person was waiting
Till December came around


??Can't they wait at least till December??

Monday, November 20, 2006

Still Perfect

Every single time I've debated in Rhode Island my team has won! We (brother & I) had a debate round robin Friday and we got a perfect 4 & 0 record. That means my lifetime debate record in Rhode Island is 10 & 0! Talk about defending the home turf....


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ingrid the Scholar

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quote of the Day

"If aliens attack earth, the only person they would take back with them would be George Lucas."

~ Aidan


Monday, November 13, 2006

Baby Nero?

No just Ingrid...

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1 Step Backwards- 3 Steps Forward

Republicans lost the house - Republicans lost the senate - and long before either of those they lost their base. Last nights election wasn't a move to the center or the left - it was a move by America to get rid of RINO's that they we're fed up with. Sadly some actual conservatives paid the price of having an "R" next to their names by losing - Jim Talent & Rick Santorum. But overall yesterday’s election was totally deserved by the GOP - because no party owns or ever should own the conservatives base. You don’t get their vote for free. Hopefully Karl Rove got the message.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting results

Question 1: Should I keep comment moderation? Vote failed to keep comment moderation by 100% of the vote. Comment mod is now off!

Question 2: Should SNS NEWS hire Dan Rather to replace the almost extinct Rex? All voters decided that Rex was worth keeping even though he is a dinosaur....

Question 3: Should SNS News have a third writer? Failed to pass. I guess I do enough writing anyways

Question 4: Should SNS News return to it's former template? Failed miserable....

Question 5: (non binding) Should SNS News have the monthly poll America Speaks? Voters said yes.

Question 6: Is Tash the best blogger ever? Tie (if you count the maybes....)- and ties go to the runner - and I am running for best blogger ever - so I win! Yes!!!


Tash the Valiant!!

Guess what - today I earned my status as a true blogger. When I was at the voting place today taking pictures I got yelled at for getting tooooooo close to the voting booths! I did happen to get permission actually before I went to take the shots (My family knew one of the volunteers)- but alas- apparently this worker didn't know that. But hey - who can someone be a true reporter till they get yelled at a little bit for reporting the news? It's my duty..... At least I didn't get strangled...

Next! I interview the Lions at the Roger Williams Zoo!.....

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Baby Bandit 2??

Election Day

Signs everywhere....
But not past here
Chaffee voted earler here....
The ignoble mass's turning out to voteVoting for me - hopefully....
Still trying to understand this one


Monday, November 06, 2006

Did you know?

That election day is tomorrow? If the Republicans lose big tomorrow they'll have no one to blame but themselves. They got basically nothing productive done (with the exception of two hopefully good Supreme Court justices) and spent money (our tax dollars) like drunk sailors on pork projects.

Anyways whatever happens - GOP lose, or win, hopefully everything will work out for good either way.


No chance for these Patriots....

When you turn over the ball five times and miss a field goal when playing the Colts you should loss by at least 60 points. With the way the Patriots offense played last night I'm surprised that the game was as close as it was (27 -20). The Pat's defense for the most part did their job. The offense did not. Tom the Terrific had Halloween a week late - becoming Tom the Terrible. Corey "Clock Killing" Dillon coughed up the football as the Patriots finally were about to get the chance to take the lead. Rodney Harrison got hurt on a play that should have never happened. The Refs gave penalties to Patriots for 1, throwing a ball back to the Ball Boy! and 2, Mike Vrable pushing Dallas Clark as he left the line of scrimmage.... Not good.

Now - if the Patriots don't turn the ball over five times - the Colts really have no chance. This game would have been won by the Patriots by at least 17 points. Who knew that Tom Brady was going to throw four interceptions against one of the worst defenses in the NFL? The Patriots also gave up on running Corey Dillon why too early - once Corey gets rolling he's hard to stop and the Colts run defense is the worst in the league. Should have, could have, would have - it's mindboggling.

Bright Sunny Moments of Last Nights Game

  • Adam Vinatieri missed two field goals on his return to Gillette Stadium! The last one he missed gave the Pat's the chance to tie the game up and send it into overtime - is so called "Mr. Clutch" losing it?
  • Troy Brown breaks the Patriots all time record for pass receptions with his 535 career catch.
  • Ben Watson passed his career season record of 29 receptions - he finished the night with 32 grabs on the season in the eight games he's played so far.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

No chance for these Colts

Peyton Manning has the right idea in the below picture. It's hopeless.

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Baby Bandit?

Just when you thought things were crazy - a three month old gets charged with robbery, extortion and banditry? Story here....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Questions, Questions, Questions.....

Since it's election time I thought this would be a good time to get your thoughts and votes on a few website issues! To vote on the below issues simply comment with your vote -which will be posted on Tuesday. Now important note! These votes are binding! Meaning that if you vote to keep comment moderation then I will keep comment moderation - if enough vote to it take down it will be taken down. Understood? Well lets go!

Question 1: Should I keep comment moderation? (Yes - keep comment moderation!) (No - send it to Antarctica....) SNS News stand on this issue - keep it. Do you really want to read someones spam comment?

Question 2: Should SNS NEWS hire Dan Rather to replace the almost extinct Rex? (Yes - Dan would bring balance to SNS News) (No - Rex is a dinosour so what did you expect?) SNS News stand on this issue - Keep Rex, forget about Mr. Rather, he would cost to much.

Question 3: Should SNS News have a third writer? (Yes - Three plus 10 = 13) (No - It would disrupt the great chemistry that SNS News has put togeather with the dual writings of Tash & Tash) SNS News stand on this issue - No offical stance... right now.....

Question 4: Should SNS News return to it's former template? (Yes - I miss it so badly that I get headaches remembering it) (No - it was one of the greatest templates ever - but this one is #1!!) SNS News stand on this issue - I sort of like this one

Question 5: (non binding) Should SNS News have the monthly poll America Speaks? (Yes - without polls we would have won't have constant annoying calls every election season ) (No - SNS News has a poll?) SNS News stand on this issue - Keep it. What does it hurt?

Question 6: Is Tash the best blogger ever? (Yes - Best ever) (No - 2d best ever in world history) SNS News stand on this issue - Best ever....

Have fun!


John Kerrys "Plan"....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Election Connection


Deciding for the Undecided and worse

Aidan, Peter and I all went and worked at the Carcieri for Governor headquarters this morning and afternoon. It was pretty fun. We basically made phonecalls to a list of Republican and "Independent" voters. I would guess that about 75% of the time all we did was leave a message - but about every 12 person on the list would pick up the phone - and then it would get interesting....

Me: "Hello! I'm a evil monster and I'm calling from the re-elect Carcieri for Governor headquarters. How are you doing?"

Person: 1st respose (worst one) "Click". 2d response (2d worst) "I hate politics and I hate Carcieri - BYE! Click" 3d response - "What did you say??" 4th (rarely heard...) "Good".

Me: Ok great! I was just wondering wheather Governor Carcieri can count on your support and vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday?

Person (if they haven't hung up:) 1st (Most common) "Yes!" 2d - "I'm undecided." - 3d (real qoute!) "I don't vote dude - you know man - I'm just sitting here watching TV."

Undecided voters are the most fun to talk to overall. The biggist issue with them seems to be the proposed casino. I spent about 5 mins. taking to one undecided voter about the casino. Another fellow campaign volunteer spent over 10 mins. speaking with a undecided voter about the same issue. But overall that was the big question.

I heard that a new poll put Carcieri ahead by 11 points over Democrat Charles Fogarty. If that's true that means the election is basically over for Fogarty. But I expect it to be pretty close - probobly 47 to 53. But really as long as Carcieri wins, who cares?

Go Carcieri!