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Monday, January 30, 2006

Well if your going to break a leg...

...why not break it in three spots?...

Ok, just so you know, I, Tash, am ok. So this post is not going to be about me. My brother however is most likely feeling a little down at the moment due to a little incident this morning.

Three of my sisters and my brother went ice skating this morning at a nearby college arena. All the girls had gone skating before - my brother - had not. But needless to say, learning to skate is not really the same thing as learning to walk a tightrope over a poll of starving crocodiles. And after a few minutes of practice, he quickly was flying around the ice like an experienced skater. (Spins and the works…) Yes, everything was going very swimmingly... Then in his moment of confidence he asked my sister "want to race?"...

"Smash!" - Tibia, Fibula, and Ankle all broken. OucH... You know part of experience is knowing how fast you can go and still stop in time as to not kill yourself by running (shall we say skating?) into things. Especially objects that don't move readily - like walls.

My other sister had been filming some of the skating and she thought she was filming the accident – but however – she forgot to press the right button. Oh well…

So, as far as I have heard, if things go good, he will be out of the hospital Wednesday. Please pray for him. As you could imagine he's in a ton of pain.

Check out this song... (but you have to listen to it while reading this...:)

... Just so you'll will understand, this is where I got the music...


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Myself!

Now... where can I find a good walking stick...

{"Oh No! Not another birthday!"}

You can see some pictures (That my brother or I took) from the debate and logic class I'm in here.

So far this year, my brother and I are 6-0 in the practice rounds. I hope that signals good things to come in the real rounds... but who knows... That will probably just mean a harder schedule in the real debates. But I do suppose winning is often more fun then losing so I am very grateful for the way the debate season has gone so far.

My sister just happens to have Two SAT 2's today. For the last couple days she's been breaking in to spontaneous tears over her prep test books. Usually when she’s having her SAT madness fits she says shocking stuff like “How am I supposed to know in RNA, cytosine pairs with guanine and adenine pairs with uracil to form tRNA anticodons that correspond to the mRNA AUGCUG!!”(!?). Come on! That obvious!... As you can see, it’s really simple stuff. Certainly nothing to cry about…

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The best of...

What should be the titles for the below pix's for the 2005 NFL season?

James Harrison shows a fan what life is like as a NFL quarterback

"Hold on a second man. I forgot to fasten my chinstrap."

Do unto others...

... As you would like them to do unto yourself...

This is what happens when you have four Kobe Bryant's playing receiver positions.

"I got the doughnuts!"


Much thanks to for the above pictures.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Losing his own soul": Was it really worth it?

In 44 BC, Julius Ceasar, the first citizen of the Roman State, was assassinated. In his will, he stated that a young man by the name of Octavian was to be his heir. At that time, Octavian was little more than a "skinny, 19-year-old college kid" (Frances Titchener, A History of Ancient Rome).

Octavian, went on to form an alliance with the veteran general Marc Anthony. To raise funds, the pair began executing supposed "enemies of the state," permitted them to effectively steal private estates from citizens to fund their armies.

Soon after, Octavian was proclaimed to be "Ceasar Augustus" over the Entire Roman Empire, thus gaining authority over most of the known world. His reign of over 40 years was remarkably peaceful.

But Soloman's proverb that "The spoil of the wicked catcheth them" (Prov. 21:7 YLT) proved remarkably true in Augustus' case. He died in AD 15, possibly poisoned by the hand of his own wife Livia.

For Octavian, the pleasure resulting from sin was real but temporary. God's judgement will be eternal.

Jesus asked: "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36). The logic is compelling. But do we really believe this today?

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brave New World...

We're back in business here at SNS News after a brief but terrible break from the glorious world of blogging. Hurray!!

As you probably already know, this job is not for the faint of heart. No - this task (blogging) requires steadfastness, courage, and a willingness to work for nothing. Not even peanuts. N -o-t-h-i-n-g.
Although on the other hand, I do receive a lot of grief for some of my more (umm, umm...) controversial posts... (think Narnia...)

{This is a nice shot my brother got from the top of the Washington memorial}


Monday, January 16, 2006

Why did the dynasty fall?

1: Someone forgot to put stick’mm on the gloves and instead put it on the uniforms; which caused the pig grease originally destined for the uniforms to put on the gloves… Ouch…

2: The guys in charge of taping Mike Shanahan’s headset on gameday went out for lobster the night before the game – and got arrested for bugging the waiter over the bill.

3: You may have seen the huge (terrible) pass-interference call against Asante Samuel by the refs at the end of the second quarter of the game. If you happened to be watching closely after the play (it took the ref an hour to decide to throw the flag) you might have seen Eugein Wilson in the back of the end zone begging for an Offensive (!) pass-interference! Ouch 2… (No relation to D2)

4: The strange thing about football is that you can never say “their’s always next year”. The season begins in August and ends (for all but two teams) in January….

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is a little late... but....

First: The all new public school Silent Night!!! (clap, clap, clap...)

Cold in the night,

no one in sight,

winter winds whirl and bite,
how I wish I were happy and warm,
safe with my family out of the storm...

(roaring appause and shouts of "bravo!" from proud parents...)

Yaa... stuff about Christmas on January 12 is a little late the last time I checked. However - I found a really good non offence Christmas Carol for those of you like me that loath songs with offending references to snow and horses (it will be helpful for next year...) on this website. Finally! I've been waiting forever for one of these since my 61’th birthday! And as you’re all caring benevolent dictator, I highly recommend that you sing this well making snowpersons and celebrating the holidays...

I have included below his reason for the making of the tune... enjoy!

"I also have a carol that contains words offensive to me. The verse in the popular "Jingle Bells" contains references to horses and snow simultaneously. This is something that I simply cannot stomach, as I have had past bad experiences with both equestrian mammals and snow. So I have exercised my freedoms as well and composed my own variation:"
Dashing through the dirt
On a pair of broken skis
Flying through the woods
Bouncing off of trees

Then ahead I see
A skier's greatest fear
Off the cliff with a hi-de-ho
My last jump of the year

Oh, Jingle Bells
As I fell
Whistling through the air
Landing in a briar patch
But no one even cared

Oh, Jingle Bells
Now I tell
Why I never ski
Since that day
I've had no way
To stand on my own two feet.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Narnia; the Myth and the Lie: Four

Ok, I lied… This is really the last Narnia the Myth and Lie post. (Prince Caspian will have a different tag) I just wanted to touch on a few more of the many myths and lie’s still lurking undisturbed throughout the renowned author C. S. Lewis’s book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Frightening huh? Even after three myth busting posts - there are still uncharted falsehoods enduring to this day. I don’t know about you, but that makes the feathers on my wing’s stand straight up. I know I won’t be able to ever fix everything but I hope – I hope – that I have at least given you the chance to think about what you read (or now, watch) and not gobble down everything as truth automatically. And besides, this is fun.

11) The Lamppost: The Lamppost is a main, central part of Mr. Lewis’s story. It’s where Lucy “meets” Tumnus the fawn. The children later in their lives when they are dictators and dictator’ess encounter this same lamppost in a hunt (detailed below…) shortly before being sent back to their own world. The latter could be true - but the former is unequivocally false! The Lamppost was set up as a monument to Lucy’s “brave” entering of Narnia by the Pevensie regime. Thousand’s of Dwarfs were forced to work on the project of building this shrine – many died. Creating distrust and an indistinguishable hate that would become evident in The Last Battle when they as a group would turn against repressive human rule and revolt.

12) The White Stag Hunt: First some facts. 1} The white Stag was an endangered species. 2} It was the slowest, dumbest, loudest, most obese animal in Narnia. 3} A white Stag has the average eyesight of three feet… And this is what “King” Peter had to say about it. “In all my days I never hunted a nobler quarry”…. I rest my case… To go further would be creating road-kill…

13) Cair Paravel: A tragic tale lays in this castles history (please forgive me if I begin to break down in spontaneous tears during this one…). As a child, Jadis grew up in this seaside home. Needless to say, she had a very happy childhood living and playing with Dwarfs and Fawns and whatever else young monarchs in Narnia play with. Her father and mother approved of this because they thought the more she knew and understood her subjects she would be ruling someday, the greater sovereign she would be. Life was a dream till on one cold, wet, cloudy afternoon disaster struck. It happened that on their way home from an economic conference in Tashbaan both Jadis’s father and mother where ambushed. There were no survivors, or suspects – just a Lion’s paw prints... Jadis, at age thirteen was an orphan…

She declared that the castle would remain uninhabited forever. Sadly she would live to see her wish violated.

14) The Wardrobe: The old Professor’s house in the country that the children were staying while WW2 was progressing was a top secret, major munitions dump. The Wardrobe of notoriety was used to store Nerve Gas. Yaa….that would do things to your brain…. maybe even cause strange dreams about far off imaginary lands...

I hope this has been a big help… After a few more interviews, Prince Caspian – here we come!...

For further research: Narnia; the Myth and the Lie one. two. three. Nuts, Beat the Press, Jadis

Much thinks to for title picture


Friday, January 06, 2006

Testing, testing, one, two, three: "YES!!!

As ABC News says, "welcome to the digital age"… I'm sure some of you out there are foaming at the mouth (Aslan and all…) over my fair and unbiased poll - America Speaks! But be comforted. I will probably be changing the question on a twice a week basis - or that’s the plan right now. It might change. But the big thing is NOW YOU HAVE A VOICE!! NOW YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!! NOW YOU CAN HELP THE PERSECUTED MASS’S OF HUMANITY LONGING TO BE FREE!!! NOW YOU CAN VOTE ON MY POLL!!!! NOW! NOW!! NOW!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


"Baa HumBug!"


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random Rants

Why does snow taste good if you put it in your own mouth, but ghastly if someone else does? (?)

Yesterday I was stuck in a rather precarious position while preparing to watch the BCS college football Fiesta Bowl. Do I root for my home (old) team the Ohio Buckeyes or Notre Dame whom Patriots former offensive coordinator Charlie Rice is now coaching? (And coaching brilliantly may I add) Needing answers, I quickly took a flight over to India and climbed a rather high mountain full of snakes, snakes and more snakes (all of them poison’s by the way)… Upon reaching the summit, I found a Guru feeding his pet snake and asked him to reveal the answer to my dilemma. He gently set down his pet snake and said solemnly, “abbbaa comoo e’ll madga!” Woe’s me! I had not bothered to learn Bengali! I would never know the answer to my query!

It was all too much for me. I ran down the mountain and threw myself at the first snake I saw. Then with life quickly seeping out of me, I screamed at the top of my lungs with my last earthly breath “WHY?”

Moving on… Never trust the weather man. Ever: It was supposed to “rain all day, with maybe a slight chance of flurries” where I live. They were right by North Pole standards, but the last time I checked, six inch’s of wet white stuff that falls from the sky was not called flurries.

And that’s the memo.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Out with the new; in with the old...


New England Patriots second sting quarterback Doug Flutie converted the NFL's first drop kick in 64 years... (it even made ABC's world news) It made the game worth watching even though they lost. And if I may speak further, I shall add that the Patriots may have lost intentionally to avoid playing the Pittsburg pull-pushers in the first round of the playoffs... If Doug Flutie had missed the extremely risky drop kick/extra point, the Patriots would have had zip chance of winning or tying it up. To borrow a Dan Ratherism, they would have been worse off then a monkey in a flowing lava pit full of lice. It was a terrific call nevertheless...

Happy New Year everyone!

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