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Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Thanksgiving!

Hey! It’s also a snowy Thanksgiving! Here’s some of the picture's that my brother took. (It’s actually the first snow of the year here)

{Took this picture from the fortress of the replica village}
6:31 am

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fearless doctor inspects chicken flock for bird flu...

"Now - could you please say awwwww?"

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I never thought I would see this...

Does this strike you as cruel or unusual punishment? This group says NO!

Just to quote from the article.

Michelle Murray will now have the opportunity to experience what the dozens of kittens felt the night she abandoned them at two Lake Metroparks in September.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti on Thursday sentenced Murray, 25, of Painesville Township, to jail time. But he added a stipulation to ensure that Murray "suffer the same consequences as those kittens."

"You can listen to the coyotes, hear the raccoons in the dark of night,"(I love that line) said Cicconetti, who grew increasingly annoyed at Murray's apology attempts in court.

On the night before Thanksgiving, when Murray reports to the Lake County Jail in Painesville, she will be forced to spend a night alone in a remote area of a Lake County Metropark, according to Cicconetti sentence.

Being allowed only water, she will not be provided with food, beverage or shelter. Murray must remain in that location until "the light of dawn on Nov. 24," according to the sentence.

Ranger Chief Mike Burko said he has not yet chosen the Metropark, but will provide her with a walkie-talkie in case of emergency

Don’t they call that camping out? It sort of seems crazy to me… This lady is treated worse then a triple convicted ax murderer. I mean – they won’t have been able to do this to Al Quida terrorist! In fact if were going to use this broad you “"suffer the same consequences as those” whatever’s. Then why don’t we strangle, stranglers? Why don’t we destroy arsonist? ect… The reason why is that animals, especially little fuzzy ones that make little ‘cute’ noises, tend to created great sympathy for themselves just by being what they are well - little useless fuzz-balls. And someday when they grow up to be great lions and lioness, they can be sent to a national park so innocent bikers can be eaten by them. And the happy cycle works its blissful way around again…

And by the way I’m still waiting for the convictions of those people that released those gray wolfs back into the Yellowstone Park in the dead of winter. Without portable heaters, shelter or anything! Imagine it! An animal taking care of itself in the wild!

Here's some pictures of Fuzzballs United.


Friday, November 18, 2005

And we...

WON!!!!! Yes!!! Hurray!!! I won't have to go looking for that gazillion foot cliff anymore!!

Now getting to the boring details that I'm sure you’re dying to hear… We ended up winning two out of two rounds. The first was almost a gimme (we where going up against a team of first timers). Which left us with just enough time to go watch the end of another debate, between the presumed two top teams. One of the teams was getting thrown around by the negative, and I begin to pray that we wouldn’t have to go against the them (the negative, the best team, the monsters, the whatever’s...).

{Debating can somtimes be almost as fun as giving a snake a bear hug...}

I had a bad feeling in my gut that we would have to debate them. And sure enough we, out of the eight other teams that could have been chosen, were picked to be their next victim! One of my debate friends offered an encouraging "Nice knowing you." while others just turned their faces away and openly wept at our sure demise.

My debate partner and I walked down a dimly lit hallway that resembled a badly built nuclear fallout shelter. Shadows crept along the floor, always following us, but never making a sound. The atmosphere reeked death…

One hour later after much arguing, questioning, brain racking, mud slinging (just kidding), and trepidation, anxiety, consternation, apprehension, and - trepidation we walked out victors. We had defeated Goliath! We had survived…


Thursday, November 17, 2005

You can either win or - you can -

{And the judge said "NEXT!"}

I have my first debate of the year tomorrow. Hopefully my team will win, and if we lose then we'll both find some gazillion foot cliff to go sky diving... JUST KIDDING!!! I know we’re going to win because there is no alterative. NO ALTERATIVE!!! We Either Win - Or we - do you know what... (Just to not be misunderstood - lose)

I have been working on last minute preparations for the last three days, and I still don't feel ready. The subject this year is medical malpractice reform. Sounds delightful, no? Won't you just love to spend hours on the internet trying to find evidence in support of the French loser-pays system? Believe me - its much more fun then being a monkey in Antarctica, or a penguin in Death Valley, but it just beats those by a hair on a fly’s mustache...


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A picture says a thousand words...

This is a happy family

This - is a bad artist

This is child abuse!

Much thanks to Yahoo! Image Search.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

The Patriots Win!!!! THE PaTriotS WiN!!!!! and A - Rod wins the MVP...


It seems that I haven't updated for decades. Ummm, mostly because nothing really interesting is going on, and I can't even think of anything false to make up and write about. Or could I?...

I'm reading a really good book by Manchester,(An American Cesar) that is taking up a lot of time that I usually would spend thinking up blogging ideas. However no fear, the updates should start coming in buckets.

Hey baseball fanatics! Check out some of the great plays of the season here


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"The Patriots Lose!!! The Patriots Loseeeeeee!!!"

I stayed up until the bitter end, just like Robert Kraft - waiting for the miraculous comeback... It just all proves that the best team can't win every game every year. Sort of like the Yankees. As the all time great QB Kordell Stewart said, "Sometimes the best team doesn’t win." (I'm joking!!!)

Just as an enlightening note: Did you know the first doctor (In the western hemisphere) to advocate hand washing - was fired... Ya, I know. He was an extremist. Sort of like Alito.

Here are some pictures of the 'endangered wildlife' hanging around in Tashland.

{Dog meets goat: "WaM!!"}

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Western Justice?

The mayor of Las Vagas advocates (story link) cutting off "graffiti artists" thumbs - on TV as a deterrent against the crime ... News has it that the modern art industry is fleeing the city...


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where's global warming when you need it?

Here are some more pictures of DC.

I was watching some fish swimming around in our stream this afternoon when I accidentally fell in... The water was Frezzzzing!!! I guess that means that winter is on the way. And from what I hear, its supposed to be one of the coldest and meanest winter's we've had in a while up here in 'Laid Back New England'.

Now I sort of feel like asking the question - what ever happened to global warming?

{A lady was fishing about fifteen feet away from this dead fish nearby the Jefferson Memorial... You have to wonder, what color would your hair turn if you and actually ate one of the fish still alive in the lake.}

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sweet morning surprise's...

Subtitled: The judgement of Aslan stikes again!

This morning, a hornet woke me up by stinging me on the wrist... It could have been worse becauseI didn’t automatically put the pain and my brain together, and I mistakenly thought I was having a blood clot of all horrors!(forgive me, I had just woken up.) And I knew that those were no fun, so I just sat up in by bed and looked at my arm vigilantly. But woe! Of course its six’o clock in the morning, so I can't see anything, and to add to the ruckus, the alarm clock goes off... But however friends and foes, I, Tash, luckily, am not prone to panic. And also fortunately for myself, I do not fear little insects such as spiders, bees, hornets, centipedes, or those little pinching bugs either. And it’s a very good thing because just a milly second later I see crawling across my pillow an overgrown hornet preparing for me to set my head back down on the pillow for another sweet surprise.

{One big bug: the picture was taken by my brave brother.}

Valiantly forgetting my pain for the moment, I said to the hornet, "my friend. Why, pray thou, dost you assail me in such an unflattering manner? Ya, thou make's me believe that thou art one of those who goes to and fro causing pain and suffering." And then I ceremonially took the pillow he/she (how can we know?) was perched on and threw it off the bed, to say it more accurately – I threw it off a triple bunk bed... And with evil and diabolic thoughts of joy, in that I had not gotten stung twice so far - I smashed the poor beastly.

As Gimli would say "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are reading the words of a murderer."

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