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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Patriots Cuts

The Patriots cut their roster to 53 players today. Below are the players that were cut. Some of the bigger surprises on this list are Fernando Bryant, who started each preseason game & Matt Gutierrez who was thought by many to have beat Matt Cassel in the competition for the 2d quarterback spot.

DL Titus Adams
CB Fernando Bryant - one of the bigger disappointments, was brought in to take Samuels spot and just couldn't cover anyone. Getting run over in the finally preseason game by a backup tightend for a touchdown probably didn't help either.
TE Tyson DeVree -probable practice squad member
S Mark Dillard
C Mike Flynn - could be brought back at some point this season
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis - probable practice squad member
QB Matt Gutierrez - probable practice squad member if he clears wavers
LB Victor Hobson - started 14 games for the Jets last year but couldn't make this team.
LB Vince Redd - probable practice squad member
CB Mike Richardson - probable practice squad member. That sort of depends on his ability to not be injured for at least a week so he can practice.
T Stephen Sene
S Antwain Spann - probable practice squad member
DL Santonio Thomas
G John Welbourn


Saterday Political Notes

Let me the first to say on this site that I'm not sure the pick of Sarah Palin was as brilliant as some are making it out to be. On the surface it may seem like a great choice by McCain but I have some reservations about it (also, Rush Limbaugh was going nuts about it yesterday, one more reason perhaps to be concerned).

Apparently Huckabee was never considered by McCain as a potential vice presidential candidate. I'm not really disappointed at all because I'm not sure Huckabee actually would have been a great VP but that sort of was a surprise.


Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008


You heard it here first...

With a hurricane roaring up the coast, Mom's calling McCain's pick of Sarah Palin a "Her"McCain choice.

Palin Is The One

It's official


Drudge Say's It's Palin


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Art of Receiving

Over 11 minutes of condensed football receiving practice with Peter throwing & me running the routes. The computer was running out of space, so I decided to upload the video to YouTube (& sped it up so it won't take forever to watch) before someone deleted it to clear space on the harddrive.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pawlenty vs. Romney

According to the New York Times, John McCain has chosen his vice president and will announce the pick Friday. Quoting the Times, which is allegedly quoting insiders, the top three under consideration are "Mitt Romney, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and, possibly, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman".

You can essentially knock Lieberman off the list, he's not going to be chosen, so if the insiders are right, it's a race between Romney & Pawlenty. Interestingly enough, both of them are in Denver right now at the Democrat National Convention playing the role of attack dog for McCain... I guess that's not too much of a surprise.

As far as Romney goes. Romney = Obama is the White House and the next Supreme Court justice will be Bill Ayres.

Pawlenty on the other hand sounds like he might actually be a decent pick. According to this article by the Minnesota Independent, Pawlenty is at least solidly Pro Life.

From the article:
"Pawlenty’s political career before becoming governor included eight years in the Minnesota House. During that time, he championed the Women’s Right to Know Act, which mandated a 24-hour waiting period before undergoing an abortion. His advocacy on anti-abortion initiatives garnered him a 100 percent rating from the anti-abortion group Minnesota Citizen Concerned for Marriage."

I guess we'll figure out who it will be Friday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sign Wars

One of our best sign locations right when you enter Richmond.
One of our 4 by 8's that was right outside the entrance of the Washington County Fair. Approximately, over 100,000 people would have driven by/at it as they entered or left the fair.
Setting up a 4 by 8
a 2 by 4Another 4 by 8
Back home after another successful sign setting up mission

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What's Wrong With America's Team?

I've only seen about five or six Yankee games this year because I really haven't had time to follow them closely this season (fortunately!) but here are four reasons why I believe the Yanks have been so pathetic this season.

1st: Pitching - The Yankees entered the season with no options if any of their starters got injured or their two young guys, Phil Hughes & Ian Kennedy, couldn't play at major league levels. As things turned out, both Hughes & Kennedy fell apart just about as soon as the season started and with the exception of Mike Mussina, pretty much everyone (Joba Chamberland & Chien-Ming Wang being the two biggest names) else has been injured at some point. Due to all of that, the Yanks have been forced to start less than stellar players such as Sidney Ponson, Carl Pavano & Darrell Rasner.

2d: Injuries - Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada have missed significant amount of time. A-Rod and Johnny Damon missed extended periods & the pitching staff has been devastated by injuries all year (Chamberlain, Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Brian Bruney & Andy Pettitte).

3d: A-Rod - this guy is a team killer. When he became a free agent last year, I assumed that the nightmare was over & hoped that the Red Sox would sign him. But, for some reason that I still can't understand, Cashman decided to pay Alex an obscene amount of money to come back. Maybe they deserve this season.

4th: The (Devil) Rays - it's a well known fact that the Yankees have steadily been declining for the last four or five years. Despite getting worse each year though, they've always found a way to get into the playoffs. The emergence of the Rays just pushed them over the edge from being a wildcard team to missing the playoffs. They could survive playing against one decent team in the division (the Red Sox) but two was too many.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Washington County Fair Pictures

Here's a few of the pictures from our visit to the Washington County Fair last Saturday. I know there are no captions (I don't have time to think up any right now) so you'll just have to either live without them or make up your own.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IngPod Touch


Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day At the Worksite (in HD & English!!)

Because I am feeling like a benevolent dictator tonight I decide it was around time to actually post something other than copied & pasted news articles from World Net Daily on how Barack Obama fulfills all the 666 of the requirements to be the Antichrist. Anyways (Connie, it's a word - see - it's on a world wide read, respected, and esteemed website [see here!] that glactical leaders read before breakfast to catch up on what's going on [see that website here!] and Michael Phelps listens to on his IPod for inspiration before races), here's my post. Enjoy (cause you probably don't deserve it)!

Here's where I slave away three days a week with Peter (below photo). This is the view from the entrance of the coal mine where we're currently working (excuse me if I cough during this post, I forgot to wear my gas mask when I went down into the mine today and we sort of had the roof fall on us so two of my lungs aren't working but otherwise I'm doing fine).

Okay, I was just kidding. We actually don't work in a coal mine, in fact, we don't even get any shade most of the day other than when it rains or hurricanes happen. The real thing we do is general slave work at a development project near our house (started working there sometime in the spring). This is Lot 38, the model house that the buyers are suppose to think their house will look like, but, in reality probably won't because normal homeowners don't normally have access to cheap slave labor (or or going to replace their grass with imported sod).
7:50...The area shown here is almost completely done & most of the houses are sold. The only problem now is that the backyards tend to wash away because the grass is pathetic and the topsoil runs right off the hills.
7:50'ish, Peter rakes the new topsoil the backyard of Lot 33 after the it got washed away by the tsunami of rain we got last week
2:15pm... smashing rocks to dig a trench for a pipe in one of the condo basements. I suspect though that the hole is really for the employees that disappeared last week after they were caught taking a lunch break at 12:00
2:40... putting away some of the equipment
2:45, holding useless signs (there is no office)
...and after locking up everything it's 2:55 and I'm ready to file for social security & retire for the rest of my life. And I can actually really do that, because since I'm an illegal immigrant, the social security number I use really belongs to a person who's been dead since 1970's so... yEaH... Adios!
...5:00am - the next morning... gets arrested by ICE...
6:00am - gets deported


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lynch Joins Pats

Free agent, nine-time Pro Bowler John Lynch has signed with the Patriots. Lynch was released by the Denver Broncos about two weeks ago after he made noise about playing time.
Think about this: Rodney Harrison & John Lynch on the field at the same time... Yep.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008