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Friday, November 23, 2007



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Run! The Patriots are coming!!

I thought this quote from writer Rich Eisen really summed up the Pats unbeaten march well,

"That's right, chip-shot field goals are not in the Bill Belichick game plan these days. The 2007 Patriots are officially in the midst of a scorched-earth campaign, not merely beating their opponents but rather leaving them in a fetal position in the corner crying for their mommies to make it stop."


Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Visit From Kim?

Notice the visit from North Korea (sixth down on the chart). I wasn't even aware that my readership extended that far.

Oh man ... it's South Korea ... missed the little flag.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Recommendations Time...

I started to send out emails asking for recommendations for colleges today. I really didn't have any idea what I was supposed to write. It took a while .... here's the first two drafts ...

1st Draft

Hello ----,

I am applying for colleges and need recommendations basically saying that I am not a felon. I ask that you do not look up my police record to confirm this fact assumption.

Much Thanks,

Silas ----

2s, Draft

Dear -----,

I am currently applying to several colleges and have found out that I am in need of recommendations. Because of this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could write something false about me that sound’s good. Methinks you would be good at lying about my record best.

Much Thanks (and please send food)

Silas -----


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy, busy, busy ...

it's that time of year again


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Patriots Vs. Colts Preview

Five keys to the Patriots winning the most (and deservedly so) hyped game in NFL history. Really ... are any other NFL teams playing this week? Nope, they'll all be watching. Here goes...

1) Shut down Reggie Wayne - the Colts best wide receiver used to be Marvin Harrison. Over the previous last two season, Wayne has begun to chip away at Harrison spot as Peyton Manning's number one target. This year, Wayne is Peyton's number one guy to look to throw to and he's dangerous wherever he is. He can beat defense backs deep, is a great red-zone threat and is one of the best at the sideline come-back pattern. If Asante Samuel can effectively shut down Wayne then this game is a big blowout for the Patriots.

2) Pressure Manning - in every game that the Patriots have beaten the Colts they have been able to get in Peyton's face. With the Colts, you can't just rush him and expect to get near him - their offensive line is too good - but if he can't find his receivers then he will take hits and sacks. The best example of this occurring is the 2004 AFC Championship game when the Patriots defense shut down (and occasionally mugged) the Colts receivers and forced Manning to set in the pocket much longer then he would have liked to. Jarvis Green sacked Manning three times in that game ... Jarvis will have a chance to get at Manning again as will Ty Warren, Rosevelt Colvin and Mike Vrabel.

3) The Patriots Tight Ends - whether Ben Watson will be healthy enough to play tomorrow is a question mark but if he does play it's a big deal. Although the most important role the Patriots tight ends play in the offense is blocking, they also play an vital role in the passing game. When healthy, Watson is one of the best TE's in the NFL and Brady loves to hit him in the middle of the field for huge gains. He's a total mismatch for any of the Colts linebackers (Cato June, the Colts best coverage LB left in free agency this offseason) Kyle Brady is the best blocking tight end in the NFL and also is a threat once the Patriots get inside the red-zone. Marcellus Rivers is a unknown guy to most Pats fans but he is a guy that is just waiting to explode and have a huge game and can also contribute.

4) Special Teams - although it might not be a big deal in some games, with the intensity that both teams are going to be playing with tomorrow, starting field position is going to be a big deal. This means downing punts and not allowing long kickoff returns. Overall the Patriots special teams is pretty special, Ellis Hobbs, Wes Welker and Willy Andrews (number one special teams player in the NFL by the way) can all return kickoffs all the way to the house. Welker is a great - and best of all - consistent punt returner.
Kicker Stephen Gostkowski and punter Chris Hanson are also so far having pretty decent seasons.

5) The Colts Cornerbacks - if Indy's cornerbacks Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden can't keep up with Moss, Welker and Stallworth then the Colts are as good as a very dead horse. In some ways the Colts are stuck in a no win situation. If they try to stop the run then the Patriots will run all over them. On the other hand, if they move more guys into the box then Brady will break the record for passing yards in a game. Either way, it's a lose-lose.

Patriots move to 9-0 with a 64 to 17 victory.

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SAT's Again

I just finished my second and last SAT this morning (the reason why posting has been sparse for the last two months). I think it went well but you can never really tell anything 100%.

I'll have my Pats vs Colts/ game of the century and a half preview later on tonight.