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Friday, December 29, 2006

The War to End All Wars

The sky was dark and vultures flew menacingly above a group of Friday morning airsoft warriors huddled close to their base which had just been ravaged and desecrated by a roving band on enemy soldiers. The warriors still had the objective of winning the battle - this conflict would decide the fate of liberty, justice, freedom, equality, independence and integrity -not to mention the stability of America. They had to do something to win the war - and they had to do it fast. All other previous attempts to capture the enemy's flag had failed with heavy casualties. The general feeling though was that one more strong charge and the defenses may break.

I - Sergeant Tash who had been shot at least 200 times by this point - took the point position of the charge. It was about 500 plus feet to the enemy's base and their coveted flag but we didn't encounter any real resistance until we were within 15 feet of the base. We wiped out the first line of defense and then stifled the flag sitters and in the mean time Peter grabbed the flag and we were off back to our camp and glorious wonderful victory. We had saved the world - at least for today.... Yes!

That was a some what false (but not totally false...) compendium of the first battle - the second battle was won by my team also but I actually almost was neutral during the second war because I was a war correspondent (aka taking pictures). I actually carried an airsoft pistol with me the whole time I was taking pictures both on my side and behind enemy lines but I hardly ever used it because there was sort of an understanding that you don't shoot the guy with the camera. I returned the favor by not shooting them even though at a few points in the game I could have done some real damage to their side. What this shows that even in war - even in airsoft battles - some sanity can exist....

Just when you think you're safe - watch out....
Off to battle
Firing squad for the early deserters
The Assassin

Ryan hides behind a huge pine branch.... yeah that's going to help him...
Peter about to break the Geneva convention rules on shooting media
The bad guys guarding their base


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just wait till they start booing him....

Attack of the Japanese Clones! The Red Sox got Daisuke Matsuzaka - the Yankees got Kei Igawa. The Soxs paid 102 million - the Yanks 20. No one is going to know who got the better deal until these guys actually pitch but I can make one biased observation. The Red Sox overpaid Matsuzaka big time. 102 million for a guy who's never played in a major league game in his life seems foolishly risky. Not even the Red Sox can afford to throw around money - Red Sox fans better hold their breath and hope that Matsuzaka turns out as good as their paying him to preform.

Question - What should John Sterling's (the Yankees radio announcer) home run call be for Kei Igawa?

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday Morning Football

We hosted a football game this morning for some football minded guys that we know. It was really looking bad weather wise yesterday and it wasn't certain that we were even going to be able to play football but fortunately the weather cleared up around 11:45 and we were able to get the game going. Even though my team lost 105 to 9 I still felt like we had won after the game because our defense was really good - yeah we let up a couple of bombs and missed a few tackles but for the most part the defense played great. Lots of fun on that side.

The offense was a different story though - we couldn't move the ball anywhere. I think part of it was disorganization on the fact that no one had a good idea about what the other guy was doing and the 2d reason for the bad offense was that we really didn't have a quarterback. We had a lot of great wideouts and tightends but not anyone that was able to hold the QB position consistently. And that’s the main reason why we lost - we constantly were giving them the ball with good field position and thus gave them easy points.

Lots of fun anyways....

The group
David blocks a throw from Nate right at the line of scrimmage
The offensive and defensive lines
A random moment
A diving attempt at the football - all in vain though - the pass fell harmlessly incomplete
The post-game scrum.... just kidding - this was actually the end of a posed picture of everyone jumping for a football.
Back to the house for lunch -
After we ate a few of the guys that could still walk immediately went outside for a second football game.
For some bad reason - I'm playing quarterback. Not very fun for me and even worse for the team....
My defense rushes to make the tackle
Ryan "Michael Vick" E. makes takes off for the endzone (the flash wasn't on for this picture so it turned out really fuzzy....)
Incomplete pass
Incomplete pass 2

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Various Pictures from December so far....

The only snow we've had so far this winter!
Ingrid reading
Must be a good book....

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Peace in our time?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy....

December is flying by like a greasy pig on a water slide. And for some reason that I can't figure out my camera isn't working. Where's the snow?


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One tree is a tragedy

Four trees is a statistic…. When the trees are 20 plus feet tall it’s kind of hard to tell how ugly the tree you’re thinking of cutting down really is. When we went out to get our tree yesterday I ended up cutting down four trees till we found one that worked. The first tree that I cut down was pretty decent but alas – it fell so hard that one whole side of it had all its branches broken. Anyways...

It still has only snowed once all winter and there is no snow expected for the near future. Global Warming - or just the calm before the storm I’m not sure.

Finally – what a terrible awful game by the Patriots. Definitely their worst game of the season – every other game the Pats had lost they only ended up trailing at the most by 7 points when the clock died. Certainly not a Patriotic effort. Texans up next.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


It's really too soon to be two weeks away from Christmas. It was just Thanksgiving yersterday.... Or wait - was that New Years day?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Patriots get attacked by Lions – survive

Wow – they did it again…. For the second week in a row the Patriots played a very close game that didn’t end till the clock just about stopped. Myself and I would most likely rightly guess everyone else on the planet assumed that this game would have been either a blowout or something close to that. No one – not even the monkeys at the San Diego Zoo would have even guessed that the 2 – 10 Lions would have a lead going into the 4th quarter. The thrice Super Bowl champs getting pushed around by the bottom feeders and laughing stock of the NFL. The proverbial bard was beating the brut.

Then the brutes said enough. Tom Brady took the Patriots down the field and Corry Dillon did the rest, scoring the go ahead touchdown. Pat’s win 28 – 21. Not pretty but a win is a win as long as it’s a win.

Next week the Miami Dolphins

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Snow - Water - Ice

It finally snowed! The white stuff however only stayed around for a few hours then melted - and the melted snow is now forming ice....