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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tyrannical Response

Uneasy about the prospect of a troop surge, I found tonight's speech helped ease my concerns, and even indicated several promising developments.

  1. The President is listening
    "We consulted.... And one message came through loud and clear."
    Avoiding Clinton's obsession with polls, Bush held his ground in face of fierce outside pressure. But there is a place for hearing and responding to objections, which can refine a good plan and make it great.

  2. We will not be in Iraq forever
    "I have made it clear to [Iraq's leaders] that America's commitment is not open-ended."
    Stating the obvious, which is sometimes necessary.
  3. We are not blowing our departure deadline to the terrorists
    The moment you reveal your deadline, you're fried. Tash pointed out that when Kissinger announced that the Vietnam war would be over in a month, the Viet Cong knew that survival for one more month meant victory. Too many people have died to make this negotiation blunder now. [Click here for the full transcript]

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