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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The trials of blogging.

I don't feel like writing today. The picture says it all.

RyuSoma has a good article on the heretical sin of lazy blogging.

I will try to write something of substance tomorrow (maybe). The weather is getting to my head, along with the extremely low gas prices...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A day with the dinosours.

My family and I while on our enough spoken of trip visted AIG's in construction Creation Museum; and had a great time touring it even though it's still just a huge building with lots of dinosours hanging out everywhere. It's going to be great when it's finshed though!

For Tash's Pictures of the tour.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pardon the interruption

Well, Well. I am extremely surprised that the Red Sox are still hanging around in the division race. With their constantly busting bullpen and off and on bats, and the fact that at any moment Manny being Manny could decide he’s tired and doesn’t want to play, I am surprised that they can even run-off a winning streak. Which leads me to use deductive reasoning that say simply this, 2 + 2 = 4, and Red Sox winning the division = a heartbreaking September. Bill Buckner, Aaron Boon… this year – Bill Muller? Mike Timland? A-Rod? So go ahead. Win the division. You can ‘believe’ all you want. Just wait…

Here’s my prediction – in a different way, a transcript of Joe and I can’t remember his name doing play by play for the ALCS game five Yankees Vs Red Sox. Let me give you the setting. The series has gone three to one to the Yankees. The stadium crowd at Fenway is glum but still hopeful as they jeer A-Rod who steps to the plate in the top of the ninth with Bernie Williams on third with the tying run and Jason Gimbi on first with the go-ahead run. There is one out. A female fan spills her beer over the green monster and begins a “Who’ss youuur daddy” chant which soon spreads around the park in earnest. Curt Shilling of fame and lore throughout Red Sox nation for spilling staining cranberry juice on has sock while filming a commercial for ‘Zips and Zinngges Zappy Cranberry Zuice’ (no carb’s or unnatural sugars added.) and pitching afterwards to get the win to Zip’s zelight has just come in to replace a rapidly declining Mike Timland who has just about blown the game. One word says it all as Curt kicks the mound - tense. As the batter and the pitcher look each other in the eyes they both realize that everything is on the line for them. A-Rod is he a real Yankee? Curt Shilling, well, will he lose to a man he despises?

[To be as accurate as possible for the next portion of this story the editorial staff at SNS news recommends that you place a clothes line pin on your nose as to replicate the Red Sox WEPI redsox radio network announcer’s Joe Clow, and ‘Whatever’ his voice accurately while reading aloud.]

Joe Clow: “And so the Red Scoks are willy in a jam now, with wunner’s on the corners and only one out here in the top of the ninth, Scoks leading 3 to 2.”

‘Whatever’ his voice: “The picth is a strike”

J.C: “Remember Scoks fans, the top of the ninth is an important part of the game-”

‘Whatever’ his voice: “a ball in the dirt. One and one to A-Rod”

J.C: “And so is your ‘gray matter,’ more than 5% of Americans”-

(Loud crack of a bat)

‘Whatever’ his voice: “Way back!”

J.C: “don’t know that they are losing gray matter every day-”

‘Whatever’ his voice: “She’s back by the coke bottles! She’s”-

J.C: call your doctor today; you may have a head case. The number is”-

‘Whatever’ his voice: “ gone! Oh what a”-

J.C. “8000 263”-

‘Whatever’ his voice: -Oh man! What a shot! And the Red Scoxs do it again. You had to expect it with the one, one count and- ”

J.C: “Would you stop interrupting me?!”

‘Whatever’ his voice: “Sorry.”(Muttering under his microphone: “nothing unusual going on, just the same old thing.”)

Awww… Chemistry, Chemistry…

Monday, August 22, 2005

"Pardon me... I think I will have a small yawwwwwnnn..."

Nothing going on out here on the eastern front, just another great day in “laid back New England’. Pictures of the Creation Museum tomorrow.

More pictures of our dazzling dogs.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

“I must feed the dinosaurs”

No – really I’m checking out his teeth.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

In search of America

Here's some pictures of the summer so far out here in Tashland
I will post the picture's of our trip to midland America as soon as I can figure out how to pull them off the computer that their stuck on right now. We traveled over 3000 miles in "search of America", a phase coined by Peter Jennies… My older sister used to play him as a ‘news anchor’ when she was little. My brother would sit behind her whispering what to say as she in turn sat behind a cardboard box repeating what parts she heard, while my mom taped it.

Even though I always thought he was without a doubt a bias newscaster, and many times boring, he still wasn’t Chris Mathews or James Carvile. He still had class.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My life and death as an Tragelaphus strepsiceros

The Last Letter

The letter below was found in a field in southern Africa. I, and other very scientific minded friends, believe it was written by a Tragelaphus strepsiceros, otherwise known as a Kudu. The Native name for this animal is Tandala Mkubwa. They live in dense bush or forest, and have a lifespan of 7 to 8 years in the wild and up to 23 years in captivity. They do not eat meat and are herbivorous. Their predators are leopards, hunting dogs, spotted hyenas and humans.

The letter was written as follows: “Four moons ago I, and my Tragelaphus strepsiceros friends were grassing on the green fields of South Africa. Now me, being so tried and hungry (I had just gotten back from Uncle Bob’s) filled up all my 565 pounds with fresh grass. After eating, I laid down on the ground for a nap.

Suddenly a sharp bark came to my ears, and before I know it, I was alone. Was it true? Had all my Tragelaphus strepsiceros friends left me alone? Yes, and in the mist of one of are most hated predators, the Mbwa Mwitu (native African name for wild dogs). Now it was up to me, life or death. The hated foe was not more then five feet away! Having only one predator, the humans, the population of Mbwa Muwitu’s is great. Now I had to fight the best way I could, with my 72 inch horn!

The Mbwa Mwitu started to grab my leg as he said in a determined voice, “Your Dead meat!”

It was time to use the horns. “Not just yet,” I growled as I turned in the way of my opponent, “Onward to freedom!” I yelled as I stabbed my horns into the animal’s side.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaalp” the Mbwa Muwitu was mad. “You’ll pay for that!”

The next few minutes where confusing. I can not remember what happed next so I have not recoded it. But alas when I came back to my senses, I was in the belly of a 30ince, 70 pound Carnivorous, to which I was diner.

Oh, are generation of peaceful animals, has It came to an end? Let us look at the example of our friend the rhino. The rhino was persecuted, as are generation, but by a large and more armed foe, the heath nut. It was said by the human heath nut that the rhino’s horn may contain health benefits of some kind. The rhino’s were hunted and killed in the thousands. Yet, as I hope for our generation as well, their population increased after the AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) stepped in and helped.

But now we must stand strong because are enemies are great. We must not wither away as plant without water. We must make this a better place for the next and later generations. For I have a dream, where the Trangelaphus strepsiceros and the Mbwa Meitu have peace with each other, just as the rhino and the human.

But for now I shall say so-long and goodbye- for this is my last living testament.”

This letter spooked the interest in me and my scientific friends, now we know the truth. I researched into what was being done to help the kudu population grow. It is time for us to act. It is sad but true, the kudu is an animal at the bottom of the food chain. In the past year the AWF has stepped in and helped. The AWF is now training scouts to monitor African wild dogs. But the door is also open for you to help the kudu population grow, and as the letter stated to “make this a better place for the next and later generations”, so that no other kudu has to write such a last letter.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Trip to the Zoo

Hello St. Louis Zoomongers!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Fly over America"

Some pictures I've shot of my trip to the midwest:

No WMD's here
Cleveland, Ohio
The lake that once caught on fire...

A fly-over America sunset

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Anti-Rex

I know this will shake the faith of millions, but I must announce that I have found the antiRex.

The antiRex, who goes by the appalation of T. Rex, has a recent post where he pastes a favorable review of the book What Liberal Media?


How then shall we blog?

There's a great article on the basics of blogging (in this case building blog traffic) posted by The Blog Herald.

<(Dig in, and pick away at nuisances of blogging, and you will have chosen wisely.)

Rex Strikes Again!

Rex has failed to post a new book review since June.

June! What's he been thinking?

But now there's a new post. Check it out at

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kim the perfect?

Apparently North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong-il claims to have played a perfect game of golf - the first time he tried. And also has amazing memory skills to boot! Click here for story.

I won't have believed the story unless I had read it first!
{This is a picture I took of some beach in Rhode Island .}

Friday, August 05, 2005

Why are the Yankees losing?

I know as the Rex Sox representative for SNS News I am supposed to be the all-knowing, all-caring, and all-wise Red Nation pundit. However, the bounds of my knowledge have limits. Can anyone tell me why the Rex Sox are 4.5 games up on the Yankees? What's wrong with this picture?

Ohhh, a little cutie cat.”… Not so…

This cat is a war criminal. I have a big scratch mark on my hand from trying to corral it into a corner, because someone else wanted to bring it home with them after they saw her running around in front of the barn playing with siblings… For more pictures of the evil white kittens.

Bears are nicer, and easier to catch.

{Stay Back!}

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More training camp pictures.

I posted some more Patriots training camp pictures.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The True Chronicles of Narnia

From a fair and unbiased point of view

By Tash

Nuts cracked and laughter rang in a little clearing at the top of a small hill. Smack dab on the pinnacle sat a quaint little shed with an ape named Shift seated next to it. This Shift was one of the smartest creatures in all of Narnia, for he had studied economics in some of the finest Calormene schools as an exchange student in his early years. (he finished 26 in a class of 35). He had a bulky build; his face was one of an honest hard working ape. In fact once after counting his profits from a trading trip he had just come home from. He found that he had overcharged his customer, Lord Quyyto a Calormene, by 14 titteys! (In U.S. monetary system $140). He promptly saddled his faithful donkey, and rode out into a blinding snow storm. His donkey lasted four miles in the storm before perishing in the cold, wet snow, and frosty winds. He valiantly trudged on… And three weeks later emerged from the storm and returned the change to its rightful possessor. (The story as told by Shift). The story gave him the nick name “honest Shift” among all those who knew him. Friend or foe.

{It was the longest coldest snow storm ever remembered.}

But here he was, sitting beside the shed eating nuts with a group of talking beaver and bears who were expressing their excitement that Aslan - was back! And had appeared to them the previous night with Shift, who because Aslan had a sore throat- filled in as Aslan voice and told them what Aslan had planned to tell them. One of the beavers sitting on a log next to Shift said softly as if he felt was being watched “It’s going to be hard to get used to those Calormene guys. You know, they’ve always been our enemies as long as I can remember.”

“Here! Here!” the rest of the animals roared as they grabbed more nuts in the rapidly shrinking pile.

Shift frowned. “I’ve lived with them half of my live. And I’m still alive.”

“Yes.” One of the bears said. “But you’re an ape. Were Bears, Calormenes don’t eat apes, as far as I know. But I’m not so sure about trusting my hide to one of those pale faces.”

Just then, as the bear was speaking, a group of talking red squirrels ran up to the shed with pails filled to the brim with nuts. “For you! Your highness lord Shift!” said a spunky squirrel - the smallest of the group. “My group and I eagerly await further orders from Aslan!”

The Bears eyes grew lager as they watched the nut pile grow. “Aslan is pleased with your nuts”, Shift said, plopping one in his mouth. And now requests AWWWooooo WOOoooooo!! Myyyy ttoohtpht!” Poor Shift was in great pain; he had just bitten too hard on one of the nuts and cracked his tooth. Now it happened that bears and beavers find it very hard, if not impossible to crack a tooth. And not knowing what was going on with Shift - began to bombard him with questions as to what was happening to him.

“Has Aslan come to you in a vision?” asked one bear.

“NOOoooooooo! Myff Tofffth!” cried Shift in return.

A beaver recommended to the group that “Myff Toffth” meant that Shift “must have gotten attacked by a family of fire ants. “Nasty things they are.” At which suggestion the bears began to stomp on him fiercely. “That’ll kill them fire ants!” shouted an on looking beaver, “stamp harder to get them all!” He waved his little fist up and down punching air to the beat of the bears stomping.

On the other side of where Shift was sprawled on the ground was the group of squirrels.
Who were shouting encouragement to Shift and the bears. “Hold on good old Shift - they’ve almost killed them all!” Shift seemed to answer by attempting to roll towards them (away from the stomping bears) but the bears continued to move along with him as he tried to get away.

Finally when there were no bears jumping on him or pounding him to dust for a moment, he managed to scream “Geeetttt oooooooooofffff MEeee! Now! oohhhhhhhh…. awwwww…” He continued to roll on the ground and moan but the bears all agreed that the ants were most likely dead.

“All the ants are dead now sire!” The small leader of the red squirrels shouted triumphantly in Shift’s ear. “Are you ok? Do you still feel any pain? Your highness? Shift continued to mone and roll around on the ground. “Do you have a headache? Are you feeling hungry? Would you like a drink of water? Should we ask Aslan to come out of the shed and heal you? Are the ants still biting you? Your highness? Lord Shift?”

At the last two questions Shift somehow found the strength to shudder a defendant - No!

Needless to say, Shift was in a bad mood for the rest of the day as his ackes and pains were diligently and meticulously attended to by the squirrels and beavers, who all disagreed on just how to treat an ape that rolled around on the ground and muttered "stay off me!” to anyone who approached it.