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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Evil SAT's and Pick T for Tribe

My SAT test date is exactly a week away. I'm kind of just looking forward to getting them over so I can pretty much be officially done with math for the rest of my life.

---It looks as if the Red Sox finally did win the division after about a million years of trying. Really though the Yankees are just luckily to be in the playoffs and have just as good a chance as any of the other AL playoff teams to go all the way. The team I actually want to see win the World Series this year is actually the Cleveland Indians... either the Tribe or the Yanks/someone other then the Sox's.

---Tom Brady has a better then 50% chance of throwing for over 350 yards Monday vs Cincinnati unless the Patriots decide to run over the Bengals. To me, this game looks like a mismatch - hopefully it won't turn out to be a trap game.

That's all for tonight folks.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26


Saturday, September 22, 2007

To Win, Or To Not Win

The Yankees are only two games (depending on how the dead Sox's do tonight maybe one) back from winning the devision. Red Sox nation, how bad would it be to lose after thinking that you'd finally got that old division title wrapped up?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Agent 083Q


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Patriots Give Chargers A 39 to 14 Zapping

The Chargers came into this game thinking about revenge - but left with their heads spinning wondering what had just happened to them. The Patriots, who's past accomplishments - their three Super Bowl victory's, players (is Tom Brady really a good quarterback or is it just that he knows the defensive calls, ect) and organization - had come under tremendous criticism from NFL pundits, players, fans and coaches for the previous weeks spying incident. Bill Belichick was fined the greatest amount in the NFL's history, and the Patriots had a first round pick and 250 grand taken away from them as a result of their actions. They moved on, apparently the Chargers didn't. According to NBC's sideline reporter before the game, the Chargers took ridiculous steps to ensure that the Patriots weren't spying on them including not telling the players the game plan until the Sunday and even then - not giving them, as it is usually done, the game plan on paper - to keep the Patriots secret police from getting hold of it.

That's called paranoia. That's living in the past. And that's not how the Chargers won fourteen games last year. They just set themselves up to lose. Plus, they couldn't zip their lips all week. LaDainian Tomlinson's "if they aren't cheating, they ain't trying" and "if we played them ten times we could beat them nine times" comments were the equivalent to shotting a sleeping wounded lion with a BB gun.

What effect did SpyGate have on the game for the Patriots. Well, (without the camera) the Patriots scored 31 offensive points and seven points on a 65 yard interception return by Adalius Thomas. From the moment the Patriots offensive took the field, the only players on the field that could stop them were themselves. And just like last week - they did shortcharge at least two of their own drives that could have ended up in points but resulted in 0's. It's not like the Chargers defense isn't good either. In their week one victory over the Bears they allowed only three points. The Patriots offense totaled 407 total offensive yards and 25 first downs in the game.

On the defensive side, the Patriots were amazing. Even without the camera. The unstoppable LaDainian Tomlinson became quite stoppable and only gained a total of 56 yards receiving and rushing. Philip Rivers, a Pro Bowler last year, looked confused and flustered from the beginning of the game until the end (two interceptions, only 179 pass yards). Overall, the Patriots defense intercepted two passes, made three sacks, forced two fumbles and recovered one. Dan Pees, the Patriots defensive coordinator should sent his defensive game plan to the Hall of Fame. It was that good.

Tom Brady to Randy Moss - Touchdown. Get used to it. After a great season opener, the Patriots had a another great game with Brady wizzing passes to Moss, Wes Welker and Ben Watson and the tandem of Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris running over and around defenders.

Interesting note, the Patriots have not trailed in game so far this season. Patriots win 39 to 14. Next week it's the Bills.

The Good
*Brady to Moss - two touchdowns, eight receptions for 105 yards.

*The running backs - 128 yards and a touchdown. Maroney has a great burst to the outside and Morris can just plain run over defenders.

*Defense - allowed only 201 total yards to the 2006 NFL's best offensive and MVP.

*Rosevelt Colvin - five tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception. Defensive player of the week.

The Down
*Stephen Gostkowski - Missed another field goal (a lot of kickers are having bad starts to the season so far)... good thing both games have been blowouts.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Death of a Camera Man

bang, bang, bang....bang!
didn't that sound great?
wait, are you taking pictures?


Thursday, September 13, 2007


The verdict is in, a $500,000 fine for Bill Belichick, $250, 000 fine for the Patriots organization and the loss of the teams 2008 first rounder if the Patriots make the playoffs or their second and third round picks if they do not make the playoffs.

All I can say is it could have been worse. Losing a first round pick is not good but it shouldn't have significant, negative long-term impact on the Patriots. Hopefully Belichick will stop playing spy games and just let the Pats dominate by the rules.

"The gray sweater made me do it guys!"

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Need $20?

Who says baseball players are all greedy fat guys who would jump into a alligator poll of a twenty dollar bill?


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jets Get Mossed: Patriots Win Opener 38 to 14

Usually the season opener doesn't reflect what a team is going to play like for the rest of the season but Patriots fans should hope this game does. The Patriots offensive gained 431 yards by land and air well only defensively giving up 227 yards. There were questions before the game whether or not Randy Moss or Asante Samuel would be either healthy or prepared enough to play but both were and played key roles in the win. Moss was totally dominate the whole game. Not Jets defender could cover him - and in the instence of his 51 yard TD - three Jets defensebacks were unable to keep up with him. Moss totaled nine receptions for 183 yards and a touchdown and I believe that he caught every pass thrown to him by Brady. The thing about Moss is that he'll catch passes that normal receivers (aka-every other receiver that Brady has thrown to...) will never make. If only Brady had him his whole career... The running game was also very effective with a two headed attack of Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris together totaled rushing 126 yards on 31 attempts. Heath Evans had the Pats only rushing TD in garbage time - with Junior Seau as his lead fullback.

On defense, the Patriots shut down the Jets running game but struggled at times to stop the passing attack. Jarvis Green filled in for Richard Seamour effortlessly and was probably the Patriots defensive player of the game with six total tackles and two sacks. Overall the Pats defense had five sacks, one forced fumble and made generally made Chad Pennington very miserable.

Special teams was special. Ellis Hobbs on the first play of the second quarter ran back a kickoff a NFL record 108 yards for a touchdown. At first his decision to make the return He was almost tackled at the ten yard line but he broke through the attempted tackle and it was just pretty much clear sailing the for the next 80 yards.

The Good
*Offensive line - Brady was not sacked the entire game and only got knocked over once. They also did a great job of opening up holes on rushing plays.

*Tom Brady - 22 for 28 for 297 yards and a touchdown. His 51 yarder to Moss was one of his best passes in his career.

*Randy Moss - talk about having a great debut. So much for that rumor that he was going to be cut at the end of training camp...

*Jarvis Green - two sacks, six total tackles, Patriots defensive player of the week.

*Mike Vrabel - 2.5 sacks, seven tackles; with Thomas playing inside, Vrabel is back in his nature role as an outside linebacker.

*Wes Welker - six receptions for 61 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown reception was the Patriots first of the game.
The Not So Good
*Matt Cassel - fumbled a snap that most likely cost the Pats three points and Cassel his holding job. Good thing they ended up not needing the points.

*Teddy Bruschi - can't cover running backs anymore and it showed. Is still a great run stopper but has lost a lot of his 2001-2005 speed.

The Patriots have two possible NFL players of the week with Ellis Hobbs (special teams player of the week) and Randy Moss (offensive player of the week).

Next week it's the Chargers on Sunday night football.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Agent Bata

They are everywhere.... MooHaaaaaaa.........


Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFL Opener

Well.... the NFL season has begun and the Colts are looking like their picking up where they left off last year. Payton Manning is throwing way to easy touchdowns and the Indy defense is still playing the old bend but don't break defense extremely well; so far only giving up three points. Not good - if you're a Pats fan. We get to play them this year in their house and for the last two years the Patriots have been losers in all three matchups.

update - just as I was about to post this, one of the Colts linebackers intercepted a Drew Brees pass and ran it back 83 yards for a touchdown. Now it's 41 to 10 - officially a major blowout. The Saints may have come marching in but my guess is that they'll be crawling out.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Number 500!

31 months, hundreds of days, and now 500 posts and only getting better. Onward to a thousand!(Tash at 500)


Monday, September 03, 2007

Doctor Or Jail

John Edwards does it again. After asking Americans to give up their SUV's - he now says as president, by law, he'll (Mr. John Edwards) make sure you and all other Americans have to make mandatory visits to the doctor. In Edwards own words, "the whole idea is a continuum of care, basically from birth to death."

Wow, Government will take care of me from birth to death? OH YEAH MAN, YES!!... Government always does such a great job when it starts regulating stuff like this! But that's not all, you can't chose whether you even what government to take care of you from birth to death. Quoting Edwards again, "It requires that everybody be covered. It requires that everybody get preventive care. If you are going to be in the system, you can't choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK."

It tells you something about America that this guy is in third place for the Democrat's presidential primary - and that he was almost the vice president of the United States. Maybe someone should check to make sure Edwards is OK.

(Oh yeah, Edwards wonderful plan is only going to cost - according to him - 120 billion dollars! And even better, all $120 is going to come from the evil witch - umm rich)

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Agent Ingrid

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pats Roster Cuts

Here's a list of the Patriots cuts from their roster in order to get down to 55 players today and my analyst on the cut players.

Sorry to See You Go
WR Bam Childress - the little guy always comes back, lets hope he can do it again this year.
NT Rashad Moore - will play in the NFL this year - on another team.
TE Marcellus Rivers - extremely hard cut. Rivers is a really good tight end but so are three other guys on this team.
CB Dante Wesley - He may be back with the Pats at some point this season. Had a good preseason and now should know something about the Patriots defense.

Good Try - some of these guys will become practice squad players or sign with other NFL team
WR C.J. Jones - Been in the NFL since 2003 but has still not played in one regualar season game. In a normal year he would have made the team but this years Patriots WR unit isn't normal.
C/G Mike Elgin - Practice squad.
WR Kelvin Kight - Maybe practice squad - perhaps will catch on with another team
ILB Corey Mays - No idea, most likely will end up with the Bills
TE Garrett Mills - Another NFL team
C/G Gene Mruczkowski - Another NFL team
OT Clint Oldenburg - practice squad
OLB Justin Rogers - practice squad

Clean Cuts - players that really didn't make the team - and may not make any NFL team
DB Larry Anam - one good senior season with the BC Eagles earned him a chance to make the team. Didn't do enough to make the Pats keep him.
OLB Chad Brown - after a great NFL career it's time to call it quites.
WR Chris Dunlap - didn't even get to play with the backup, backup unit. When I saw him in training camp in a receiving drill he dropped almost every pass thrown to him. I guess that quality's him to play with the Oakland Raiders though.
OT Corey Hilliard -one of the Patriots sixth round pick - came into camp out of shape and never caught up.
TE Brian Jones - did nothing notable while here.
RB Quinton Smith - to slow for a scatback, to small for a powerback.
DL Santonio Thomas - his two sacks in the last preseason game vs the Giants might make some team give him a look but he's probably done with the Patriots.
DL Zach West - was a great college player but not close to being a NFL one

See you later on in the season
QB Vinny Testaverde - he really just came in to practice with the team. I don't think BB ever even thought about keeping him on the active roster all season long.