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Saturday, July 29, 2006


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Friday, July 28, 2006

Patriots training camp opening day

We once again went to the Pat's opening day training camp. We arrived about five min’s late -which made us somewhere around the 5 to 6 thousandth people there - basically it was packed. Well we where headed over to find a spot to watch the practice we walked past Rodney Harrison who was holding a door open for the injured players. Who says Rodney can't be nice?

The practice went really well - all the players looked in shape and mostly up to speed. I could go on forever noting all the things I saw in the drills and so forth but I'll keep it to a few short notes so I won't kill any of you with boredom.

TE Ben Watson is going to have a pro bowl year. He was Tom Brady’s favorite target during the practice and showed a lot of speed and capability to use his hands to pluck the ball. He also changed his helmet to the same type that Antonio Gates wears.

The defensive is much improved over last year’s group.

The Patriots have great depth at running back. Laurence Maroney, Kevin Faulk and Corey Dillon probably compose the best group ever anytime in Pat's history.

Josh Miller, the punter, looked very bad. I don’t think any of his kicks went past 45 yards.

Tedy Bruschi had a great interception when he tipped a ball to himself that was intended for Corry Dillon. He then lateralled the ball to safety Artrell Hawkins who was promptly tackled and roughed up by Corry Dillion….

After the practice there was the normal autograph session by Patriot players. Once again - Peter got Tom Brady's auto. (That means he's 2 for 2!) He also got five of the defensive backs.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Amanda speaks

Yesterday Aidan was looking for something in the basement when he bumped into my little sister Amanda who was stumbling out of the tool room with what looked like a bunch of junk. One of the things that she was carrying was a measuring tape. When Aidan asked what she why she needed the measuring tape she replied "Because I want to show everyone how old I am."....

Just to pile on. Here's another example of an Amanda qoute. This one was first written on a pennys thoughts more then a year ago....

....."When we went outside today in the beautiful spring sunshine, Amanda kept begging me to push her. We've been trying to teach her to pump, which she can do if she puts her mind to it. So, I stood in front of her and told her that when she could reach me with her feet by pumping, I would push her for a while. Well, she struggled and struggled while her older sister Georgia on the next swing reached where I was with ease and said that it must be because her legs are longer. Amanda, still struggling, said, "Maybe Mommy can take me to the store to get me some longer legs!"


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The day Winnie died...

Working out in the 90's up heat finally caught up with the poor fuzzball....

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Peter's Birthday baseball game pictures

I know this is a little late (a week late in fact...) but here are some pictures of the amazing birthday baseball game. Much thanks to Michael Thomas for being the official game photographer!

Harold makes an amazing catchThe birthday boy is also the pitcher....Strike three!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home Depot Wisdom

Wisdom from the mouth of a man sorting through ferning strips at Home Depot ~

"These boards are like politicians, there's more crooked ones then straight."


Update from Ingrid!

Hi, this is Ingrid. thanks for praying for me to get out of the hospital soon. I really like the nurses, they are very nice, and the drs too, but I want to get out and go home and hear all the sounds I love to hear around the house. my oxygen numbers have risen nicely and I am cooperating by keeping my body temperature up, so I hope to get into a regular bed soon , so then I can go home, for some home cooking, signed ~ (with help from mom)


Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby Pictures

Some pictures of the kid

Ingrid The Philosopher....Taking a yawn...
Are you taking pictures?!?

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another hot day...

Amanda testing out the foolproof way to cool down


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New neighbor in the blogosphere

Georgia just started a blog! Stop by and take a looksee!

The temperature reached 105 according to our side porch thermometer. That has to be the high for this year...

I should have some more Ingrid pictures as soon as she gets home - which will most likely be around somewhere tomorrow. As far as I know from the latest news everything is going really well. All the tests so far have come back positive - Aaaaaaa - cut that - Negative!...

Yo! Once again our president gets in trouble for his grammar. Apparently he greeted Tony Blair with a hearty "Yo Blair!" when he was at group of eight summent yesterday (which is probobly where all the world leaders catch up on lost sleep...) . If you really think about it - I wonder if Blair even knows what "Yo" means since he's British. Is "Yo" a word outside America? Is it even a word in America or is it just slang?

According to

In American English slang, yo has become a common interjection that originated in African-American and Italian-American dialect.

According to some sources, the word first originated in the 1960s and 1970s in the Philadelphia area, though it is also said to have been used as a greeting by infantrymen in the second World War[citation needed]. It most likely arose as a contraction or mispronunciation of the pronoun "you" or "your", although similar sounding words exist in other languages and dialects with meanings such as "here", and it is also sometimes used this way in English, as when answering a roll call.

"Yo" is also often interchangeable with the word "hey," as in "Yo, what's up?" or, "Yo! Wait for me!" While it can stand alone as a greeting, like the word "hey", it has a wide range of other meanings that depend on the tone, context, and situation. For example:

If someone is bothering another person, "Yo!" becomes the equivalent of saying "Hey! Stop it," or "Knock it off!"

If someone accidentially bumps into another person, the expression "Yo!" could be interpreted as "Watch it" or "What in the world!"

Another way of saying hi. Such as "Yo, What's up?"

My brother once met the friend of a friend who said that he met the man who invented the word Yo on a bus. I’m sort of inclined to be skeptical however that his story has merit….

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

New study shows that Red Sox fans may be missing noodles

A disturbing study put out today by IAMC (Institute for American Mind Control) cements a theory long speculated about scientific circles – the theory/now fact, being that Red Sox fans are likely to not to use their brain in situations that require thinking. The study also disclosed that the Red Sox fans that have been devotees for long period are more likely to suffer from the syndrome (the “Soxed syndrome”) worse then those that have been Sox fans for relatively shorter periods of time.

Johnny Damon, a former Red Sox center fielder was shocked when he heard news of the study. “When I like saw the results on my like computer, I like bust in to like tears, like.”

He paused for a moment to wipe his eyes with an oil stained napkin. “I mean, I might have umm – had a smaller – no I think I mean like larger IQ if I hadn’t been on the Red Sox so long. It’s a like total like tragedy. I could have been a geniusus”

“Mr. Damon is only one of the millions that suffer from the ‘Soxed syndrome’.” Doctor James Chammon said in a phone interview with SNS News. “From my observations of this disorder it first affects the Nobreor Cleffixs and then attacks the Momnin Oprofulus, all of this happening with in a timespan of ten years. What happens beyond this period is not exactly clear but what we do know is that things go down from there. Fast.”

Some are still skeptical. “It’s a bunch on baloney!” said an anonymous Boston Globe sports writer who was walking his cat in downtown Boston. “To think, that the rooting for a baseball team would affect your brain negatively. It’s ridiculous! Hogwash!”

Still others are taking the news seriously. “Save my family!” a mother screamed hysterically as she dragged her three toddler aged sons all toting Red Sox hats and uniforms into the emergency room. “Help me somebody!”

“It’s weird but true” said Phil Assai, researcher for the IAMC. “We started the project somewhere around when Nixon was elected and just finished now. Almost 50 years later we’re finally done. I’m very thankful to Mr. Steinbrenner – Aaaaa – I mean our project manager for all the support and funding to complete this project. My only wish and hope now is that people will sign up for our reeducation classes as soon as possible. We realize that some, mostly adults, will not be able to recover from this illness –umm– disease but there is still hope for the children. And we must do something for them.”

The sites for the first treatment clinics sponsored by IAMC will be announced as soon as FEAMA can procure enough personnel for the mass influx of patents expected to flood New England hospitals as the news spreads.

Keep tuned to SNS News for the latest.

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Sunday Baby update

Well we went over to the hospital this afternoon after church and checked on Ingrid & Mom & Dad. The Buckley’s were just about to head out when we arrived but we caught them just in time to keep them detained for another 5, 10 minutes. They also dropped off a stuffed Hephalump (I don't think there's any real correct spelling for that word - it's an animal from Winnie the Poo...) which is the object in the adjustent picture. It now actually sits over her crib & keeps track of her.... well getting back to the timeline. We picked up pizza on the way over so there we had pizza party & watched the Red Sox get killed by the A's till the Fishers (who are allergic to fish ironically...) stopped in. All during this time my Dad was taking us over to the nursery in shifts of two to visit the celebrity. When I went over to the nursery she was sleeping so I couldn’t get a good interview or anything like that unfortunately but she seemed to enjoying herself regardless. I think she's also enjoying the air conditioning.... They should be coming home Tuesday if things go well.

{The Nursery}


Friday, July 14, 2006


8:30 PM 7/14/2006
We made a visit to the hospital to see Mom, Dad, and Ingrid Elizabeth. All are doing well. Mom and Dad are a bit tired after staying up all last night. The baby was delivered by C-section, which was the only possible option for delivery because of an abnormally short umbilical cord. Prudence still hasn't got over the fact that she's not the youngest anymore. We're working on her. :-)


It's a Girl!

We have a new baby sister -- Ingrid Elizabeth ---------! That brings the kid headcount to 12 finally. It also has the titanic implications as far as the boy, girl balance – it’s now 7 to 5 in favor of the girls. It was also born the day after Peter's birthday so we're going to have back to back birthday days!


Baby Alert!

Yesterday was Peter's birthday at our house. Sometime after 12 o'clock last night Mom's water broke, and Dad took her up to the Kent Maternity Ward. As of this morning (9:45), there is no news of further delivery action, and the baby appears to be in no hurry to come out. Mom is apparently feeling fine. Because the water has broken, there is now a risk of infection, and Mom has been put on antibiotics. Inducement may be necessary.

In the words of Prudence, prayer is needed for "Mommy and Mommy's new baby."

Keep checking back at SNS News for updates.


12:00 PM; 7/14/2006
Mom is feeling fine, baby heartbeat normal; Pectosin has been administered to speed birthing process; Cesarean Section option under consideration.


2:40 PM; 7/14/2006
Some bleeding; Baby apparently alright; Mom going in for C-Section.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"My template? Gone?"

I tragicly, accidentally erased my template when I was putting up the new poll!....( And everyone said – “Amen!”…) Aidan quickly volunteered to make a new one, and here it is…

It was looking like the All Star game was going to be one of the most boring ever - but the AL's 9th inning rally to win for the 10th straight year made it worth the watching.

What in the world is the World Cup? For real! I really know nothing about it - other then it's a big soccer game.... Does anybody really care about it? Well when- Penguins in Antarctica where recently polled and asked whether they would rather get eaten by a killer whale or watch a complete soccer game they not surprisingly enough chose the former. Smart Penguins...

Lastly - a group of Christian explorers have claimed that they have found Noah's Ark in Iran. I am still not totally convinced from what I saw from the pictures on their website that their claim is actually viable. But I'm also not sure that their not wrong either. We'll keep you update on the story regardless

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

New endorsement?

Well, well. It looks like SNS News has a new fan base.... Don't ask me how (because I know...) but we just got endorsed by the fearsome terrorist group Al Baadas Fly Swatting Martyrs! (You can view the video endorsement here)

Hey, who knows - maybe they liked my template!

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Friday, July 07, 2006

North Korea finds a way to feed themselves

First one missile launch - then another - then another and another - till now - as of July 7th, 2006 –allegedly belligerent North Korea has test launched a total of seven missiles. According to credible intelligence sources, all of the missiles have prematurely crashed –the looming question is why? Why did the missiles crash prematurely? And further – why did the missiles get launched in the first place? What was their purpose?

Well – wonder no more. SNS News has obtained excusive earth shattering information on this subject! Our SNS News correspondent imbedded with the North Korea regime has shockingly informed SNS News that the mysterious missiles aren’t part of any program to destroy the world, the United States or anything of that nature. In fact they are for peaceful propose only! In the exact words of correspondent Kim Jong II “The missiles are for fishing.”

In the exact words of SNS News correspondent Kim Jong II, “The missiles are for fishing.”

What? For fishing? Kim continues, “It’s actually I that came up with the idea. One day when I was observing some of our concentration camp slave laborers – awww, wopsee – change that for me – aaaaa, construction and creation project team – working on building a bridge and one the workers dropped a load of dynamite into the below river and it exploded blowing up everything with it. Naturally I was angry because the pair of platform shoes I was wearing where new and the explosion soiled them with dirt & also the construction was delayed till we could smuggle some more materials in from Mongolia, and that takes a long time because they still ship everything on camels. Well anyways as soon as I stopped screaming and found my glass’s I noticed that thousands of dead fish where floating in the river – thousands of them! And I had the thought – if that’s what a little four ton box of TNT could do – how many more fish could a nuclear missile exploding in an ocean get for us? I mean, this is finally a way for me to feed my beloved people! And see what happens. Bush and everyone else say that they want us to “adhere to international norms”. I say come on. So what if we don’t fish like everyone else. At least we have food.”

No news on the success of the missile fishing was available at the time of the of this interview.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I spent the fourth of July in jail

We went over to some friend’s house to on July 4th. It was looking like it was going to downpour the whole time but it didn't actually rain till about 6-6:30 so it turned out all right. We played a couple of Capture the Flag games - once again I was the hero- managing to get myself in jail at least three times in each game... But! At least I tried! Most everyone else just sat around and waited for the other team to go nuts & come across the line...Later on they fired off some fireworks- but the main attraction was an impromptu war board game which we played while it rained. I was one good dice roll away from winning but fate snatched victory away from me and needlessly to say – I lost.

Looks like the Red Sox may get swept by the Devil Rays.... haahaa! (technically they've already been swept since they have lost three games in a row to the same team) That's about the most embarrassing thing that could happen to any team. Last year when the Yankees got swept some Sox fans where quick to rejoice... It will be interesting to see how they react to the Sox catastrophe if indeed it does happen.

Don't I come up with good post titles?...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

July 3?

Time is just flying by so fast! It seem like March was just yesterday! Why - it's almost July 4th! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! That means the year is almost halfway done? Hard to understand....

Below are some pictures from todays/tonights trip to the beach.

The youngest footprintThe beachlineYou can sort of see Davids head in the middle of the picture as he gets slammed by a wave
Attempting to go buggy boarding
The sand castle


More pictures

I've posted more pictures here.