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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What’s wrong with this sentence?

"In 1864, still unemployed, (Karl)Marx founded the International Working Man's Association."
ATI Wisdom Booklet 24- page 24

Marx - a total bust


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DeWalt Butterfly?

Is there some vast right wing conspiracy behind these photos? Is there? Answer – sort of. Behold the CIA’s newest bugging device!

And the CIA agent listening in from above...

Legal notice - SNS NEWS is NOT the first to expose Winnie the Poo as a CIA operative. It has been widely know and understood for over a decade that Poo has worked extensive with the Central Intelligence Agency

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Pictures, pictures, pictures

Some pictures I took last January that I'm sure you all are dieing to see


Sunday, September 24, 2006

My law firm gets it's first win!

Originally posted here

Our lawyer Johnny "Jack that verdict Up" Dickderon wins his first billion dollar case!

Johnny "Jacked Up" Dickderon

APof snsnews. At first the jury cried. Then they threw bananas at the defendants. Then the Jury issue their verdict - guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty - $1,265,197.56 dollars guilty....

....It was a dark night when John Doe broke into the local grocery store searching for bananas -to steal. That is - he was looking for bananas to steal until he tripped over the security guard who had fallen asleep on his night guard shift. John Doe fell and injured his elbow - and as a result missed work the next day because he had to spend it at the hospital recuperating. And as a result of being forced to take a day off from work - John lost his job - at the local grocery store. He decided to sue - and the first thing he did was the best thing he did - he called Trial Lawyer Monkeys of America. And we put Johnny "Jacked Up" Dickderon on the case. He got John the compensation He Deserved. And We can do it for You too.

Trial Lawyer Monkeys of America
Today could be your luckly day


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Johnny Damon Injures a Mosquito with Throw...

Great Article....

The Sox dug themselves into a huge hole....

And it was too deep to get out....

The Red Sox officially now have no way of making the playoffs. None, zip, nado. There's only so many games in a season and there just ain't enough foe the Sox to come back. Not that they would anyways... Just thought you'll would want to hear it from me being the faithful Sox fan that I am...

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Debate Gurus and Da Black Book

You can view our website here!

So far we've sold a few books - as far as I know we're the only ones to offer an almost instant download. Meaning you buy it - and in most cases within 30 min. you'll have it on your computer ready to print. Totally eye popingly amazing! (Applause, applause, applause…)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ingrid the Optimist

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coming to a Church near you!

The IRS is invading the inner santum of the America's most cherished freedom: unrestricted religious speech. The first amendment protects it, but the IRS apparently has other ideas.

What does it matter that it's a liberal church under investigation? Anyone and any church is fair game from here on out.

Coming to a church near you: an IRS taxman in the pew.

The fact that some would abuse the religious institution for personal political gain should not make us any less ready to defend our liberties under fire. Perhaps the time has come for a good constitutional challenge to reclaim our constitutional right to free speech. We've surrendered too much already.

The Red Sox Win!

Is there a comeback brewing? Is this all 2004 repeating itself?

Red Sox fans - believe! ---- You might finish the season with a winning record....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Violent picture...

(Lesson - don't sit down too long on the job)

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MVP battle

The Red Sox and Yankees meet up tomorrow in New York for their last four games of the season. I guess it would be an understatement to say that this year has been a very bad one for the Sox and a great one for the Yanks but one thing this year has been clearly understood by everyone - Derek Jeter deserves 100% to be the AL's 2006 MVP. No matter how many HR's or gamewinning hits large Papi had he still did not have anywhere near the impact that Jeter has had on his team. Put simply - the Yankees are baseballs best team - and put simply again - the Red Sox are definitely not baseballs best team - in fact they had one of the worst records for the month of August. While Ortiz has cooled down as the weather has cooled down - Jeter has heated up for the Playoffs. Ortiz has forgotten what it's like to play defense everyday - Jeter is a Gold Glove candidate. To top it off - while Ortiz has talked himself up - Jeter has only commented on the team.

It's not hard to see who deserves it more.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is it Fall yet?

Some pictures I took today


Chaffee gets the last Laugh'ey

According to Fox News Chafee had 34,042 votes, or 54 percent, to Laffey's 29,431 votes, or 46 percent.
I thought it was going to be closer then that but then again - Rhode Island is the most liberal state in America. (Story here) The lesson from this story is to never send money to the National Republican Party (aka Republican Senate Committe) - it'll will come back to bite you. Karl Rove sent more money on the Chaffee Laffey race that was used to tear down Laffey then anywhere else in the nation.

If I could vote in this election I would write in a vote for Chaffee's father....(reason for this ....) Chafee did not even vote for Bush in 2004 he instead he voted for W's dad George H.W. Bush.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Down to the wire

Laffey Vs. Chaffee!

I don't know who I'm going to vote for... I mean - I have six negative adds sent to me by Chaffee that say that Laffey is a crook and liar - but then I have two negative adds against Chaffee plus three pro Laffey adds.... Such a hard choice.... especially since I can't vote.



It seems like it was just yesterday.

I saw bits and parts of ABC's Path to 9/11 Sunday and Monday night and everything I caught looked really good. Now a big point though - I really only saw two minute segments about every ten minutes because I was either watching the Manning Bowl or Monday Night Football.... So I guess that means I'll have to get the DVD when it comes out.

To tell you the truth I was shocked by the number of terrorist that where Arab! Whoa! I wonder if that begs the question of whether terrorist groups should start some affirmative action program or something.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy....

That's what's going on right now...


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Amazing lightsaber fight pix's

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Warning! This is an update - only an update

I've forgotten how to post!

Anyways, How about them Red Sox? Did I tell you so or did I tell you so? Meanwhile the Yankees are basically trouncing every team they happen to bump into - so things are looking about as bad as a monkey drowning in a bucket of cheese dip for the evil sox.

The Patriots just finished their preseason action so the official football season is almost upon us. The Pats looked very good throughout all four games.

(Bram Childress makes a great catch)

The Laffey - Chaffe race ends in 11 days! It will be nice once it's over - if Laffey ends up winning. If not, if I were able to vote this year I would just not vote for Chaffe or Whitehouse at all.

But aha! Hold your endangered animals - I have an idea!

If Chaffe wins the primaries why shouldn't I start a Tash for Senate write-in campaign? Why not?

Note. please do not put up yard signs with Trash for Senate. Do not send money to my campaign. You may vote for Tash only if you either have a degree in cleaning pig pens from an nationaily ranked college or if you have compleated four years studying either how to speak (languages) American or African.Other restrictons do apply.

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