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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Once Again

Off too a debate tournament for a few days.


Monday, March 26, 2007

When nothing major is going on

Nothing major is going on.

Oh yeah, the baseball season starts in 4 days. So far the Yankees have managed to get all of their pitchers injured with the exception of the ironman Carl Provano....

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

One small step towards the break pedal

I went and took the driving permit test this morning and passed. Got home and took my first drive ever and nothing bad happened.... and I'm still here..... I think. Let me go ask somebody about that.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Day of Spring

Meanwhile Ingrid is on spring break....


World in danger massive earthquake

The most earthshattering news of the week - you better sit down. The Patriots signed Eddie Jackson.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

SnowBowl 2


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring has almost sprung!

According to our old untrustworthy porch thingy thing we almost hit 65 degrees today. Not quite there yet but making progress. I really had enough of cold weather and ice. Really who in there right mind likes 32 below weather?

Surprise, Surprise, SNS News is quickly approaching our 2d year of survival. As part of the pack that started blogging in March/April 2005 - I really feel like a survivor more then a blogger. Very few of the original group of people that started blogging then actually blog now. Blogging is a difficult, dangerous, hard, tricky, rigid, hazardous, treacherous, perilous and precarious job. It requires that you have no brains - only a keyboard, computer and internet access. It's an easy thing to start doing - but super difficult to keep doing. Only 1 out of 8 people that start a blog last more then three months.... I'm glad to still be alive in the blogging world.

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An Ant's View


Monday, March 12, 2007

Washington is a Patriot!

Former Bengals wide receiver Kelley Washington signed with the Patriots today. From what I know about him he's sort of slow, tall, can make tough catches over the middle, get injured, create touchdowns or just sit on the sideline a be a backup. I really don't see Washington playing a huge role in the Patriots offence this year. However, he can be expected to have somewhere around 25 to 45 receptions for anywhere between 450 to 600 yards and 6 touchdowns (his greatest strength is using his size in the red zone). Overall this is almost risk free signing for the Pats because if he doesn't turn out it's not like they have a lot invested in him - sort of like the Reche Caldwell situation last year - all there really is - is upside. If Kelley doesn't produce or gets injured and never plays - oh well. But on the other hand if he does really great and has a fantastic season like Caldwell had last year - Oh Yeah!!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stallworth is a Patriot!

The Patriots offseason free agent spending splurge continued today as the Patriots added another high profile player to the team in the form of wide receiver Donté Stallworth. Last year Stallworth played with the Philadelphia Eagles after being traded from the Saints before the 2006 season. He had a relatively productive year with 38 receptions for 725 yards (19.1 yards per catch) and 5 touchdowns. The only really possible downside to Donte is his propensity to get injured. I'm actually not sure if he's played a full season without missing any starts; but remember - David Givens and Deion Branch were also injure prone as well but they both managed to be impact players well they were here. The deal that the Pats signed Stallworth to may be up to 6 years long.

One reason why the Patriots ended up signing Stallworth had to be the deep threat element that he brings. Currently, no wide receiver on the Pat's roster (with the exception of Chad Jackson when he's not in a wheelchair) strikes fear in hearts of DB's or opposing coach's that a Pat's wideout may burn them on a deep bomb. Three to two years ago Beathal Johnson, Ardra Davis or Deion Branch provided this element for teams to worry about. Last year however - the Patriots best option to go deep to was Reche Caldwell.... And Caldwell isn't considered exactly fast so.... In a nutshell - The Patriots didn't have a deep threat so went out and got one. Having one last year would have helped a lot - but that's the past - the time to solve the problem was now - and the Patriots did just that.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Duel of Fates?

Due to the fact that nothing earthshatering is going on right now..... I am forced to dig up something to post about from the past - "gasp".

Aidan found a lightsaber creater program through a another blogger a few years ago and we made a video to test it out. Very simply - here it is. And yes - it does hurt to get wacked by a plastic pipe when it's cold out....


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spooky Picture...

Peter took this one


Speed Trap

How they enforce speed limits in Iraq....


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stallworth a Patriot?

Donte' Stallworth may be coming to the Patriots. Will wonders never cease? If the Patriots had had Stallworth in the AFC Championship game vs. the Colts the Pats would have run away with the game. The Colts were consistently able to play their safety's way too close to the line of scrimmage the whole game. That meant that pulling off successful screen plays and running the ball became harder because there were really almost 11 guys in the 15 yard box. A deep threat would have kept the Colts from doing that. Should've, could've, would've....

Stallworth at the right price would be a great addition to the Patriots. However, if they don't get him the draft is loaded with guys like Ted Gunn from Ohio State that can give defensive coordinators nightmares so it wouldn't be the end of the world.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dong Dong - Who's There?

The question of the year - which is more brave - Dong Dong the Roster or Paige the unfaithful guard dog of the farm? Why do I ask thus question (you may ask)? Why? Why, why, why, why?

I'm not sure.

However, in the last week I have been attacked by Dong Dong three times while Paige hasn't even noticed that I'm alive for over a year. Clearly Dong Dong the Roster is a better watch animal. I'm telling you for really - this roster will attack you if you just look at him without bowing first. He will bravely and brainlessly charge you under the fire of snowballs and rocks. What a great guard chicken. We should give him a raise....

By the way - the roster Dong Dong - he didn't have that name before this post but for the sake of posting he now has a name. Let us have a moment of silence.

You just have to love the conservative congress that we United States citizens have right now. In fact I'm beginning to like the idea of Democrats in Congress. Let me explain. When the GOP was in control of the house and senate they obviously wanted to get things done. That meant that they had to pass things called bills. Well children, bills sometimes become laws and laws cost money and kill baby PandaShark seals. Well, now that the Dem's are in power they take 4 days off a week to relax and watch reruns of Hogans Hero's and the Feasta Bowl. The one day in the week that they set aside do get together to work on legislation - they spend bringing up non binding resolutions condemning previous non binding resolutions that they made the week before. And all in all - nothing gets done. Perfect.

A do nothing congress for the most part is the best congress. Ronald Reagen accomplished many great things in his life but perhaps his greatest accomplishment he never saw. On the day of Ronald Reagen's state funeral all non essential government programs and offices were closed.
Even from the grave - the Gipper gave one more victory to America.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Burka Baby?


Welker is a Patriot!

At the price of the Patriots second and seventh 2007 round draft picks Wes Welker is now part of the Pats. He's a special teams monster - in one game vs the Patriots in 2004 he filled in for the Fins as a kicker (doing all the kickoffs, extra points and field goals 1 for 1) and also returned punts and kicks.... Maybe the Patriots want Gostkowski to have some competition for the kicking job in training camp..... who knows?

Last year Welker had a great season receiving with 67 receptions for over 650 yards and showed a lot of upside and untapped potential (there's a world of difference between having Joey Harrington throwing to you and Tom Brady tossing footballs your way). I believe he'll fit well into the Patriots system and should be a huge boost to the receiver position for the Patriots. Tom Brady has to be a happy guy.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thomas is a Patriot!

Adalius Thomas has signed with the Patriots! Kyle Brady also appears to have signed a deal with the Pat's..... Yes!

5:15 Update: Not only did the Patriots sign Thomas & Brady - to cap off today the Pat's made Miami RB Sammy Morris a Patriot as well.... Busy, busy, busy.... And that's not all, apparently the Patriots are also intensely interested in stealing restricted free agent wide receiver Wes Welker... Here's a wrap-up of the signings so far.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Patriots Offseason Update

Since I'm on the subject of sports. The NFL's free agency period began today and it's been interesting to watch teams throwing money around like Congress. So far the Patriots haven't signed anyone new (they resigned Heath Evans and Billy Yates) but with over $25 million in cap space just sitting there waiting to be used - don't expect the Pat's to be frugal. The Patriots greatest positional needs currently are Linebacker, Backup Running Back, (one) Blocking Tight End and Wide Receiver. These are all areas that the Pat's must address either in the draft or free agency.

The greatest need the Patriots have is at the wide receiver position. The draft offers better options for getting a decent playmaking receiver since the best players from the position this year in free agency are all 2d wide receivers at best and there is no #1 type wide receiver available. For example Drew Bennett from the Tenn. Titians is considered in the top 5 of the wideouts available to sign. However - last year Bennett had a grand total of 46 receptions for a average 750 plus yards. And he's in the top five....

Strategy for the Patriots - wait till the draft to get a playmaking receiver. However the Patriots should take a look at players like Dennis Northcutt or Kelley Washington that won't break the bank and would be good targets for Brady and most of all improve the team.

The 2d greatest need for the Patriots is at the linebacker position. Every year the Patriots won the Super Bowl they had an enormously amount of talent at this position. However, due to retirements, free agency losses, and the fact the players that we have are just plan getting old this group of linebackers that once were the strongest part of the team now is a liability. Free agency offers a few very good options for the Patriots to improve this position of the team - Adalius Thomas could just by himself, have a major impact on the team and would be a perfect pickup.

Strategy for the Patriots - get Thomas and perhaps a good part time linebacker such as the one that was on the Patriots last year Junior Seau. Before he broke his arm in the game vs. the Bears Seau was on fire and 2d on the team in tackles. Bringing with back would help the team against the run and make it so Mike Vrabel could play outside LB more often.

Other needs in a nutshell

Backup Running Back - now that Corey Dillion is gone the Patriots need someone to handle to football when Laurence Maroney is taking a breather. Sammy Morris' name has been brought up as a candidate for this position and he may suit it well. I'm not exactly an expert on this though so I really have no idea.

Blocking Tight End - The loss of Daniel Graham creates a position in need of being filled. As a Patriot Daniel Graham probobly dropped as many pass' as he caught but he had incredible blocking skills. To whom will the TE blocking duties now pass? Right now it looks pretty clear. As Belichick favorite, the question is whether Kyle Brady will sign with the Pats this week or next week....

Punter - the Patriots should resign punter Todd Sauerbrun. Josh Miller isn't bad but Sauerbrun is better.

And why not bring along Vinny Testaverde for another try at a Super Bowl ring?

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yankees PreSeason Preview

The Yankees played their first game of the season today and beat the Twins 6 to 1. I guess that's a good sign of things to come. Chien-Ming Wang pitched two perfect innings and Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi both hit home runs. I guess it's always good when your good players do well, and beating up on the Twins in a meaningless game really doesn't mean that much... but beware - these Yankees are armed (with a great pitching staff) & dangerous.

SNS News projected Yankees LineUp:

Catcher - Jorge Posada
1st Base - Doug Mientkiewicz/Andy Phillips
2d Base
- Robinson Cano
- Derek Jeter
3d Base
- Alex Rodriguez
Right Field
- Bobby Abreu
Center Field
- Johnny Damon
Left Field
- Hideki Matsui
Backup Outfielder - Melky Cabrera
DH - Jason Giambi

Batting LineUp

1) Johnny Damon
2) Derek Jeter
3) Bobby Abreu
4) Alex Rodriguez
5) Jason Giambi
6) Hideki Matsui
7) Robinson Cano
8) Jorge Posada
9) Doug Mientkiewicz

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