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Friday, June 30, 2006

A summer day in the life of a dog

Time for a swim

"Hi! I'm Paige"
Where I live, the grass is green, the sky is always blue - there's always plently of frogs and snakes to hunt - and the Yankees always win

But that doesn't mean that I don't have enemys though -

Take the goats for example. Their the most ugly things you'll ever see in your lifetime. They really annoy me!

In fact theirs four of them! However, fortuitously their kept tied up to big wheels during the day so they won't cause too much trouble

But I still manage to find time in my busy schedule to make sure their not fighting or anything

As you can see, I scare the tails off those things...

Here’s my favorite animal. He’s generally known as "Buddha" because all he does is motionlessly sit on the rock in the middle of the stream all day

& thats the memo - go Yankees - ps. tell the red sox to lose at least on game in the next decade...


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The PawSox- The Paratroopers - & the Desecration of the British & American flags...

Sorry about the egregious typo! It's & not %! The footage is from the June 22 triple A game (red sox farm team ) Pawsox Vs. (yankees farm team) Clippers. It was Armed Forces night at the stadium so that’s the reason for the paratrooper show & so on. Just in case your wondering (I'm sure you are), the Clippers completed cleated the PawSox 8 to 2!

Just showing once again that the Yankees farm system is far superior to the lowly Red Sox barn yard team…

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is David Ortis Superman?

The scene- Fenway Park - cloudly-rain threating - tense.

The Setting - there are two outs in the bottom of the 12th. The game is tied 6-6. Men are leading off on both second and first base. And Big Papi (David Ortis) is up to bat.

He hits a single. The runner rounds third & scores. The Red Sox win. The Philles lose - again - for the billionth time - their not a very good team... No big surprise.

NOW! If you had been listening to the game on the radio - more specifically -Joe & Jerry (you know, the guys who talk through their nose's)- you would have heard a completely different story...

Joe: David Ortis is up to bat!

Jerry: The winning run on second base.

Joe: Strike one - strike two - ball one - baaaaaa.

Jerry: Baaaa baaa ba baaa bbaaa. Baaa baa - You could be the next luckily winner.

Joe: Well, the count is one & two. Tom Gordon sets - the pitch -




Joe: There was no doubt about it! As soon as he hit a high pop up around second base - he shed his uniform and flew over the pitchers mound & snatched the descending ball from air and carried it out over the center field wall for a home run!

Jerry: And now he's doing victory laps above the green monster!

Joe: What a clutch player!


Joe: You said that.


Joe: That's twice.

Jerry: Ok -so what?

Joe: well.... you know I didn't tell you one thing yet!

Jerry: What didn't you tell me?

Joe: That LelNatures is the official water of the Red Sox radio booth!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rainy Sunday


Friday, June 23, 2006


This is really funny even if your not a baseball fan....

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Self Betrayal…

Don't you love how democrats come with labels?


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Attack of the toads?

You just had to know this would happian someday.... Sounds serious.... quote from the article.... "We'd seek the Commonwealth (federal government) to help us in fighting this terrible threat(toads) to native fauna in Western Australia."

It looks like even Darth is enjoying the great summer weather!


Monday, June 12, 2006

Remember to wear your helmet! especially if your making six billion...

Pittsburgh fans - despair! Your quarterback is so hard headed that he didn't listen to his coach when he told him a full year ago to wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle! He probably wishes he had listened now.

Lesson 1: If you’re ever stuck in a Nazi concentration camp remember to ask the guard for a boost before trying to get over the barbed wire fence yourself!

Lesson 2: Don’t use (shot into the air for a friendly aircraft to see) your rescue flares until you are at least 17yards removed from the Nazi concentration camp.

Lesson 3: Don’t follow anyone’s advice unless you’re 120% sure that their nuts.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

How about those Yankees?

Looks like Schilling is getting shelled... In fact it sort of looks like the Yankees are playing the Paw Sox - or the Portland Seadogs(AA) in fact. Even with only 2/3ds of our season starters playing - the Yankees are quickly coming close to having the best record in baseball!

Who would have thought it?????? (It's not like we go out and just buy any player we want:)

Great job by John Damon on hitting a leadoff homerun vs his old team. Raise your hand if you think the Red Sox should have paid him the 52 gazillion he wanted.... You couldn’t afford him! HaaaHaaaaa!!!

Moving on --

It's NATO! So now lucky Me, Myself, & I can practice saying "Resolved: That the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be significantly reformed or abolished" a million times till I start saying it instead of "Hello" when I pick up the phone...

Great day for Iraq. is probably sad that they can't do a false monthly report that Al-Zarqawi was killed. Maybe they'll just do it anyways......

Ummm- The Red Sox have the bases loaded with no outs? WhaT!?! Guess we'll probably need a Bronx comeback once again.

Update - It's now 9 to 3. BUT! We still have three innings left! Hope springs eternial!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Zoo Pictures

Some of my younger sib's went to the Zoo last week and they took some pretty good pictures. There's a sample below, click here for more. (Note: some of the pictures are from the 2005 five safari of the Saint Louis Zoo)

More Pictures

Lady’s and Gentlemen! Take a look at this - that is a little bitty part of the research I did this debate season. Hours spent reading articles on the differences between the English legal system and the American legal system. Hours finding negative evidence against wacko cases such as Three Strikes, No Fault, Non economic damage caps (I hate them...), HMO lawsuits.... Loser Pays... And I’ll probably, most likely never even use this stuff again.

Awwwwwww!! NOooooo!! I'm going crazy!

Long live Team Policy Debate! Long live the Stock Issues!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Where's the "create new post" thing...

Ok. You'll tell me what I should post about... (Meaning for those of you who live in Narnia - "ideas")

Ummmm.... the Yankees are doing great... and that reminds me of a new counter slogan I made up recently! You know how most/all/99.785% of Red Sox fans say they go for the Sox’s, & anyone that beats the Yankees. Well, my new phrase is "I root for the Yankees and anyone that beats the Red Soxs.

With all the injuries to the Yankees roster I would imagine that soon they're going to have to pull up Darth Vader to be a closer since Mariano Rivera is ailing. And it seems to be a no brainier. In his extensive time spent pitching in Columbus, Darth has a .0000 era! And baseball scouts and pundits are becoming increasingly amazed at his seemingly amazing ability to make batters choke at the plate...

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