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Friday, July 28, 2006

Patriots training camp opening day

We once again went to the Pat's opening day training camp. We arrived about five min’s late -which made us somewhere around the 5 to 6 thousandth people there - basically it was packed. Well we where headed over to find a spot to watch the practice we walked past Rodney Harrison who was holding a door open for the injured players. Who says Rodney can't be nice?

The practice went really well - all the players looked in shape and mostly up to speed. I could go on forever noting all the things I saw in the drills and so forth but I'll keep it to a few short notes so I won't kill any of you with boredom.

TE Ben Watson is going to have a pro bowl year. He was Tom Brady’s favorite target during the practice and showed a lot of speed and capability to use his hands to pluck the ball. He also changed his helmet to the same type that Antonio Gates wears.

The defensive is much improved over last year’s group.

The Patriots have great depth at running back. Laurence Maroney, Kevin Faulk and Corey Dillon probably compose the best group ever anytime in Pat's history.

Josh Miller, the punter, looked very bad. I don’t think any of his kicks went past 45 yards.

Tedy Bruschi had a great interception when he tipped a ball to himself that was intended for Corry Dillon. He then lateralled the ball to safety Artrell Hawkins who was promptly tackled and roughed up by Corry Dillion….

After the practice there was the normal autograph session by Patriot players. Once again - Peter got Tom Brady's auto. (That means he's 2 for 2!) He also got five of the defensive backs.

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