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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I never thought I would see this...

Does this strike you as cruel or unusual punishment? This group says NO!

Just to quote from the article.

Michelle Murray will now have the opportunity to experience what the dozens of kittens felt the night she abandoned them at two Lake Metroparks in September.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti on Thursday sentenced Murray, 25, of Painesville Township, to jail time. But he added a stipulation to ensure that Murray "suffer the same consequences as those kittens."

"You can listen to the coyotes, hear the raccoons in the dark of night,"(I love that line) said Cicconetti, who grew increasingly annoyed at Murray's apology attempts in court.

On the night before Thanksgiving, when Murray reports to the Lake County Jail in Painesville, she will be forced to spend a night alone in a remote area of a Lake County Metropark, according to Cicconetti sentence.

Being allowed only water, she will not be provided with food, beverage or shelter. Murray must remain in that location until "the light of dawn on Nov. 24," according to the sentence.

Ranger Chief Mike Burko said he has not yet chosen the Metropark, but will provide her with a walkie-talkie in case of emergency

Don’t they call that camping out? It sort of seems crazy to me… This lady is treated worse then a triple convicted ax murderer. I mean – they won’t have been able to do this to Al Quida terrorist! In fact if were going to use this broad you “"suffer the same consequences as those” whatever’s. Then why don’t we strangle, stranglers? Why don’t we destroy arsonist? ect… The reason why is that animals, especially little fuzzy ones that make little ‘cute’ noises, tend to created great sympathy for themselves just by being what they are well - little useless fuzz-balls. And someday when they grow up to be great lions and lioness, they can be sent to a national park so innocent bikers can be eaten by them. And the happy cycle works its blissful way around again…

And by the way I’m still waiting for the convictions of those people that released those gray wolfs back into the Yellowstone Park in the dead of winter. Without portable heaters, shelter or anything! Imagine it! An animal taking care of itself in the wild!

Here's some pictures of Fuzzballs United.



Blogger Queen of lilyflowers said...

It’s SO silly! That judge should be paying more attention to something like, underage drinking, or something! Come on! If it was that the lady was torturing them or something, well, in a way, yes, she should receive punishment. But just because you’d told a horrid little cat to go away and never come back, you get sent to say hello to the rats, spiders and snakes of a park! Well, that’s just silly!

Sunday, 20 November, 2005  
Blogger DJ said...

Welcome to america, where we respect kittens more than unborn babies.

I am waiting for our judgement to come...

Sunday, 20 November, 2005  
Anonymous blackstallion589 said...

Tash, is that true????
That's CRAZY!!!!!
What is this world coming to????
Ryusoma, I'm with you awaiting our judgment! LOL
What in the world!!!!

Friday, 25 November, 2005  
Anonymous narniagal said...

it's cause to most other people kittens r just soo stinking cute! but then again so are babies, hmm no real explanation to that one....

Wednesday, 14 December, 2005  

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