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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More training camp pictures.

I posted some more Patriots training camp pictures.

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Blogger Dem Soldier said...

With the 17 2005 strength of schedule, I wonder who could stop you guys. Steelers may have to!! :)

Thursday, 04 August, 2005  
Blogger Rex Tyrannus said...

Steel cracks under pressure (think Roethlisberger) and melts under fire (think Brady).

Thursday, 04 August, 2005  
Blogger 1smallDino said...

You (TASH) take great piictures.

Thursday, 04 August, 2005  
Anonymous Ben said...


I stopped by your web site a few days ago and visited some of the links as well. I can see you have talent in the writing field. I'm not the greatest in that area.

FYI, I am able to provide background pics for templates and things like that if you want them, since I have a few special effects programs.

Nice work,

Thursday, 04 August, 2005  
Blogger Queen of lilyflowers said...

great pictures,Tash, although I never liked football THE patriots are my number one favorite football team.

Friday, 05 August, 2005  
Blogger Tash said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for offering to help! I am going to be out of 'town' on, as Peter Jennies calls it, a listing tour for SNS News. So I should be able to get back to you to discuss some ideas soon. In the mean time if feel adventuress enough, you could start a website just to experiment with backgrounds and est.



Friday, 05 August, 2005  

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