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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Patriots Cuts

The Patriots cut their roster to 53 players today. Below are the players that were cut. Some of the bigger surprises on this list are Fernando Bryant, who started each preseason game & Matt Gutierrez who was thought by many to have beat Matt Cassel in the competition for the 2d quarterback spot.

DL Titus Adams
CB Fernando Bryant - one of the bigger disappointments, was brought in to take Samuels spot and just couldn't cover anyone. Getting run over in the finally preseason game by a backup tightend for a touchdown probably didn't help either.
TE Tyson DeVree -probable practice squad member
S Mark Dillard
C Mike Flynn - could be brought back at some point this season
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis - probable practice squad member
QB Matt Gutierrez - probable practice squad member if he clears wavers
LB Victor Hobson - started 14 games for the Jets last year but couldn't make this team.
LB Vince Redd - probable practice squad member
CB Mike Richardson - probable practice squad member. That sort of depends on his ability to not be injured for at least a week so he can practice.
T Stephen Sene
S Antwain Spann - probable practice squad member
DL Santonio Thomas
G John Welbourn



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