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Monday, November 12, 2007

Recommendations Time...

I started to send out emails asking for recommendations for colleges today. I really didn't have any idea what I was supposed to write. It took a while .... here's the first two drafts ...

1st Draft

Hello ----,

I am applying for colleges and need recommendations basically saying that I am not a felon. I ask that you do not look up my police record to confirm this fact assumption.

Much Thanks,

Silas ----

2s, Draft

Dear -----,

I am currently applying to several colleges and have found out that I am in need of recommendations. Because of this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could write something false about me that sound’s good. Methinks you would be good at lying about my record best.

Much Thanks (and please send food)

Silas -----



Blogger RyanDE said...

Hey guys, when is the airsoft battle going to happen? Have you nailed down a date yet? Let me know.

See ya,
Ryan : )

p.s. Looking forward to that recap of the big game. ; )

Thursday, 15 November, 2007  
Blogger Tash said...

I believe next saterday is d-day as far as I know. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the recap as well.

Thursday, 15 November, 2007  

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