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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Deciding for the Undecided and worse

Aidan, Peter and I all went and worked at the Carcieri for Governor headquarters this morning and afternoon. It was pretty fun. We basically made phonecalls to a list of Republican and "Independent" voters. I would guess that about 75% of the time all we did was leave a message - but about every 12 person on the list would pick up the phone - and then it would get interesting....

Me: "Hello! I'm a evil monster and I'm calling from the re-elect Carcieri for Governor headquarters. How are you doing?"

Person: 1st respose (worst one) "Click". 2d response (2d worst) "I hate politics and I hate Carcieri - BYE! Click" 3d response - "What did you say??" 4th (rarely heard...) "Good".

Me: Ok great! I was just wondering wheather Governor Carcieri can count on your support and vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday?

Person (if they haven't hung up:) 1st (Most common) "Yes!" 2d - "I'm undecided." - 3d (real qoute!) "I don't vote dude - you know man - I'm just sitting here watching TV."

Undecided voters are the most fun to talk to overall. The biggist issue with them seems to be the proposed casino. I spent about 5 mins. taking to one undecided voter about the casino. Another fellow campaign volunteer spent over 10 mins. speaking with a undecided voter about the same issue. But overall that was the big question.

I heard that a new poll put Carcieri ahead by 11 points over Democrat Charles Fogarty. If that's true that means the election is basically over for Fogarty. But I expect it to be pretty close - probobly 47 to 53. But really as long as Carcieri wins, who cares?

Go Carcieri!