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Monday, March 05, 2007

Welker is a Patriot!

At the price of the Patriots second and seventh 2007 round draft picks Wes Welker is now part of the Pats. He's a special teams monster - in one game vs the Patriots in 2004 he filled in for the Fins as a kicker (doing all the kickoffs, extra points and field goals 1 for 1) and also returned punts and kicks.... Maybe the Patriots want Gostkowski to have some competition for the kicking job in training camp..... who knows?

Last year Welker had a great season receiving with 67 receptions for over 650 yards and showed a lot of upside and untapped potential (there's a world of difference between having Joey Harrington throwing to you and Tom Brady tossing footballs your way). I believe he'll fit well into the Patriots system and should be a huge boost to the receiver position for the Patriots. Tom Brady has to be a happy guy.

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