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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Patriots Win; But Still Need Losses

The good news is that the Patriots sunk the Raiders 49 to 26. The bad news is that the Patriots chances of getting into the postseason depend on other teams losing. It was possible that coming out of this week, the Patriots could have been eliminated from the playoffs next week even if they beat the Arizona Cardinals. Because the Ravens lost to the Steelers (13 to 9) that can't happen anymore so unless the Patriots happen to lose next week, so their week 16 game will at least give them a chance to make the playoffs.

One major factor that could put the Patriots back into the drivers seat in regards to their playoff hopes is the Cowboys vs. Ravens game next Saturday night. If the Cowboys happen to beat the Ravens, and the Patriots beat the Cardinals, then all the Patriots need to do in order to at least win the wildcard is to beat the Buffalo Bills in their final game. That's probably their best shot at the playoffs. So yeah, cheering for the Cowboys and TO is tough, but it's something New England fans are going to have to do.

The Patriots can be eliminated from the playoffs if

  • (eliminated from winning the wildcard) the Baltimore Ravens win their next two games vs the Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars and if the Indianapolis Colts win any of their remaining games (Jacksonville and Tennessee Titans)
  • (eliminated from winning the division) and if both the New York Jets (next week, Seattle Seahawks) or Miami Dolphins (next week, Kansas City Chiefs) win next week.
I don't think I've ever been more of a Cowboys, Chiefs and Seahawks fan...



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