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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Excuse

No, I didn't die recently or anything, I just happen to have three tests on Monday (MUS 100, BUS 110 & COM 100) so I've been sort of busy. Typically during times like these Rex is supposed to hold down the fort by copying & pasting stuff from forwarded conspiracy emails (did you know Obama was really born in China!?!) but he got captured by some Somalian pirates yesterday so he's sort of unavailable. However, this is no reason fear, fret, worry, panic, whatever, etc. I'm sure that I'll be be able to think of something to write so the trillions of you out there who are in deep depression because this site hasn't been updated for three days can have something to feed on.

As the great John Edwards once said, "HOPE is ON the WAY!"



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