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Friday, December 05, 2008


CNN News released an interesting survey today regarding who Republican leaning voters would like to see running as the party's nominee in 2012. According to the poll, among Republicans and independent voters, Mike Huckabee would have a lead if the primaries were held starting today (thankfully they are not!)

  • Mike Huckabee - 34%
  • Sarah Palin - 32%
  • Mitt Romney - 28%
Interestingly enough, also according to the poll, Huckabee leads Sarah Sixpack among female voters (aka, the people that are supposed to be going crazy over her). On the negative side, first, my name didn't appear in the poll so the online ads and commercials I've been running seem to be failing, and secondly, Huck is still losing among older voters (to Palin at least).

Anyway, the election isn't until about four years from now so a few things could change between then and now. People change, party's change, positions change [reference Mitt Romney for proof of that...], voters change, babies get changed. Change.

Just another thought... Maybe we should just give Obama a few months (or days, hours... no really how about a few months) in office and see how he does before everyone starts picking who should run in 2012? I mean, isn't there at least the possibility that he might actually be a decent president? Just a thought.

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Blogger Aaron C said...

I agree.

I like Sarah Palin as a politican and as a person, but she's not the leader I want for this country because (1) she is a woman and (2) she is not qualified enough. I think she will run in 2012 but I'm hoping she doesn't. After the McCain-Palin fiasco too many people see her as a joke for her to make a serious run.

I hope Romney doesn't run either.

Huck actually might have a decent chance unless Pawlenty or Crist or Jindal start making some noise.

Unless, of course, Obama does well during the next 4 years. If he does, it won't matter who the if the Republican candidate is George Washington reincarnated or my little brother Elias - he (or she) won't get in.

Friday, 05 December, 2008  
Anonymous Aslan387 said...

the problem I had with Palin is that I always felt like I had to hope that she would do well in the debates or whatever. She really never inspired any thoughts that she really knew what she was getting into. I would vote for her but I don't think she would be the best choice for president, especially considering who else is out there.

Saturday, 06 December, 2008  

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