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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Going Bananas: Day three...

RuSoma was right. A banana in the hand of an unlicensed user is woefully dangerous. It's just to bad that I, nor my family knew that fact before we gave one of them to my unlicensed sister...

The lesson of this story? Well first, as they say, crime never pays. And even though the Judge was merciful, Sing-Sing here she comes... And second, sign up your brothers and sisters and neighbors and grandparents for applications for banana use Now! Tomorrow may be one day to late.

By the way, the subject of the last three posts has just emailed me with news that the food is excellent at Sing-Sing...



Blogger DJ said...

I am just so sorry that my warnings didn't get there in time. All that beuacracy and redtape, you know.

Glad that justice has been served tho. People need to realize that when they play with dangerous weapons, they are responsible for the results, especially when they have foregone the necessary training.

I hope these past few posts have educated the masses...

Wednesday, 05 October, 2005  
Blogger DJ said...

err, beuacracy is actually spelled


I think...

Wednesday, 05 October, 2005  
Blogger Tash said...

I put you first beuacracy through spell check and it had no suggestions... And the second one they want to respell beau racy.(??) I cAn’t’s beliEva you’r speeling is soo bAd,..
Get into shape, and start a federal instigation on the evil word! What do you think our wonderful beau racy is around for anyways?

I think that the "Going Bananas " posts are officially over now. Especially since our subject is serving time in New York. (For all of you's out there that thing Sing-Sing is the name of some Chinese city. No, it a maximum security prison in New York).

Wednesday, 05 October, 2005  

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