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Monday, October 29, 2007

Patriots Score and Score Some ... and some more...

In today's NFL, the 2007 Patriots aren't supposed to happen. The team that thrashed the Washington Redskins 52 to 7 and could have easily scored 70+ points is supposed to be playing in 1923 instead of 2007. No NFL team is supposed to average 41 points a game. No NFL team is supposed to win by an average of 21 points. As I said last week, they should be illegal.

The first thing that stuck out to me about yesterdays game was one of the first graphics that Fox showed of Jason Campbell's 2007 statics. So far in the 2007 regular season, Campbell had only thrown for five touchdowns. It sort of was a good reality check... wow, I guess everyone doesn't throw at least three touchdown passes each week. Coming into this game I really didn't actually known much about the Redskins offense but from the first Redskin drive - it was very apparent that the Skins weren't going to be able to do anything vs. the Patriots defense. All Pro defensive end Richard Seymour returned from being on the Patriots PUP list for the last seven weeks and contributed to the Patriots shutting down the Skins rushing attack. Because Washington couldn't get anything done on the ground they had to go to their air attack which was kind of lame (197 yards, one interception, one touchdown). In very few words - the Washington offense stinks and this Patriots defense is really good. Good enough to score just as many points (seven) in fact as the Washington offense.

The Patriots offense was sort of effective yesterday, Brady threw for 306 yards and three touchdowns, rushed for two touchdowns. Laurence Maroney gained 75 yards on 14 rushing attempts and looked completely healthy. The little guy that no one can cover, Wes Welker, had another huge game with nine receptions for 89 yards and a touchdown. Overall, the offense had 486 yards scored on seven of their ten drives and only punted twice in the entire game. And remember, the Skins were one of the best defensive teams in the NFL, before they faced the Patriots, only giving up an average of something like 17 points per game. I guess the Patriots offense is just really good - and it's getting better.

Mike Vrabel had a monster day with eleven total tackles, three sacks and three forced fumbles - one of which was returned for a touchdown by Rosevelt Colvin. To add to all of that, he also caught a one yard touchdown pass. He should easily win defensive player of the week.

As far as the running up the score thing. The game was really over early in the third quarter. If the Patriots really wanted to run up the score then they would have scored 60+ points instead of a meager 52. It's not like these guys are being forced by their parents to play football and make millions anyways.

Next week it's the 7-0 Colts.

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Blogger RyanDE said...

Yeah it seems that the Patriots only get better with each game. At the pace they're going it almost seems impossible that they won't crush the Colts just like any other team. Looking forward to your preview of the game.

See ya,
Ryan : )

p.s. Gotta love Matt Kassel.

Tuesday, 30 October, 2007  
Blogger Coop said...

The Pats are the best team ever assembled in the history of time.

that's my preview of The Game on Sunday.

Friday, 02 November, 2007  
Blogger Coop said...

whoosp the whole link didn't show. Here:


Friday, 02 November, 2007  

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