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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Yankees Win! The Yankees Win!!

So far game one and game two have gone to America's team. Game three is still up for grabs; wish it actually meant something, like the lead for the devision.

In the words of a great bard Pheillo (1123?-1143, murdered by the Huns)
Oh to cut down a tree
And be stung by a bee

I had my own bee and tree experience today when I was cutting down some ceder trees for fence posts with my chainsaw and after I cut down the first one, and was sawing off the branches, I noticed that the back of my legs felt like someone was sticking nails into them. When I turned around I didn't see anything (thorns, someone else's chainsaw, rabid squirrels, ect) so I just kept cutting but as the pain got worse I set the chainsaw down to find out what was going on and low and behold - I was standing over a bees nest that had been knocked out of the tree when I cut it down.

At least I wasn't killed by the Huns.



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