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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Huge Victory For Huckabee

Mike wins big victory in Iowa
Mike Huckabee finished in second place in todays Iowa Straw Poll! Mitt Romney came in first with 31% while Huckabee had 18% of the total vote. Why is so big? While most of the other candidates threw a ton of money and fancy ploys such as busing in voters or big tents with air conditioning to get votes, Huckabee was relatively modest with his spending on the straw poll. So basically, at least from my point of view, he won because of his ideas; not local popularity or big time spending. From the beginning it was a two man race for first place in the poll, Mitt Romney vs Mitt Romney and surprisingly enough - Mitt Romney won!! But today was Huckabee's day, now he's one of the big boys. Watch out.

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