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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Patriots Training Camp: Opening Day

Well, for the third stright year we attend the opening day of Patriots Training Camp. The Patriots looked good. The big signings, Moss, Thomas and Welker all looked like Pro Bowlers and the guys we already had, Gaffery, Brady, Watson, Maroney and pretty much everyone else looked good. So yeah, wherever they're having the Super Bowl - HERE WE COME!! (maybe...)

Opening day 2007Can you find Peter?
Brady clapping, don't ask me why. Maybe he likes the fact that he actually has some wide receivers now.
Let the hitting begin!
Moss beats his guy and makes the catch on the sideline
Jabbar Gaffney, looked really good. Should be the Pats 3d or 4th wideout
Punting drill, here they come...
...too late
Welker avoiding the sack in the bump and run drill
Sammy Morris, didn't see do anything special but he's really not here to do anything special
Matt Cassel


Blogger Coop said...

Sweet pics man!! Next week, me and my 50 year old friend are goig to try to make it to one of those. You got me inspired dude!

Tuesday, 07 August, 2007  

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