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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

PTC Trip Two

We went to a Patriots Training Camp practice yesterday afternoon. The Pat's defensive total dominated the practice. In total they had five interceptions - and they returned two of those for touchdowns. Our defensive looks good. Our passing game - hopefully it was an off day. Moss wasn't at the practice but Donte Stallworth who had missed most of the previous practices was. He appeared to have a lot of speed but he did drop at least two catchable passes.

Of all the pictures I took, I think this one (above left) expresses best what Brady thought about the day (the last pass he threw was an interception to Mike Vrabel...)

I got autographs of Rodney Harrison (as did Peter and Aidan) and also Brandon Meriweather, Eugene Wilson and James Sanders. Harrison's auto was a especially good one to get since this is most likely his last season in the NFL. The Patriots first preseason game is this Friday vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

My pictures of PTC Trip 2

One side of the field...

...the other side

You have to click on the picture to actually see the snap

Brady to Bam Childress

The Patriots 2007 first round selection Brandon Meriweather

Rodney Harrison a split second before he slams into Garrett Mills
Mel Mitchell (24), Brandon Meriweather (31) and Willie Andrews (23) sitting in their thinking spots

Ellis Hobbs (27), Eugene Wilson (26) and Randall Gay (21)

Wes Welker attempts to avoid James Sanders in a tackling drill
Laurence Maroney
Running backs vs Linebackers



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