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Friday, August 03, 2007

Driving, Yankees win - But is it too late & the Pats WR's

Oh yeah, I forgot to post about this but I took the road test and got my drivers license last Thursday. I guess that means the world is a less safer place now but it's never been a safe place anyways. Just look at the big story of the week. Who would have thought that a bridge would just total fall apart in the middle of rush hour?

In other news, the Yankees are doing great right now but in my view their doing it too late. It's going to be very hard to catch the Red Sox even when Beckett does eventually get hurt. Dice K is looking like a really great pick up; can't say the same for the Yankees Kwi Igawa though... If the Yankees do make the playoffs as a wildcard team that might not be such a bad thing for them. The last decade or so they've been the devision winners and haven't had much to show from it except lousy postseason stats. Maybe this year is the year they'll go all the way - and win.

As a last note; the Patriots wide reciever unit situation is not going to be cleared up anytime soon since two of the main guys, Stallworth and Moss, have been injured with no clear time table for their return. If Stallworth is really hurt that would be "good" news for Reche Caldwell who right now is looks to be the odd man out. It does sound like from what I've heard the Bam Childress is putting up a good fight for a roster spot as well. The wide-out position should be a good one for the Pats this year though. Last year, they started the first game of the season with only three wide receivers activated.


Blogger DJ said...

Congrats on getting your license :-)

Saturday, 04 August, 2007  
Blogger Coop said...

Yeah congratz, bro.

I am an avid Red Sox fan. The Red Sox did not win a World Series in 86 years, despite being so close so many times. Therefore, I have been taught well to beware the Yankees until the division is clinched. The Yankees are not doing it too late... they do have a chance, better than most people think.

Tuesday, 07 August, 2007  

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