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Friday, February 01, 2008

Rhode Island's 2008 Primary Ballot Order

Through a lottery system done at the RI statehouse today, Huckabee is last on the list of GOP candidates on the RI ballot. Not ideal, but then again, I really don't know anyone who votes based on a candidates placement on the ballot...

Hugh Cort and Ron Paul go back to back (2, 3)... John McCain and Huckabee are both bookends. You can view the RI Democrat and Republican ballots here (or just click on the photos to the left, screenshots of the official sample ballot)

Democrat Ballot Order, as drawn by lottery:

1 Uncommitted
2 Hillary Clinton
3 John Edwards
4 Barack Obama

Republican Ballot Order, as drawn by lottery:

1 John McCain
2 Ron Paul
3 Hugh Cort
4 Mitt Romney
5 Uncommitted
6 Alan Keyes
7 Mike Huckabee

Good News from the AP, Romney is conceding the northeast to McCain (read McCain and Huckabee):
"Republican Mitt Romney is conceding the bulk of the Northeast to rival John McCain, counting instead on his home state of Massachusetts, a split in California and wins in a series of caucus states to extend his presidential campaign beyond Super Tuesday."

Does this mean that RI is a two man race between John McCain and Huckabee? Last time I checked Huckabee hadn't said anything about conceding the northeast. Of course if you throw in powerhouse, GOP establishment candidate Hugh Cort, this is a three man race.

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