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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Giants & Patriots

ESPN rated the players on the Patriots and Giants rosters from best players to worst players and some of it doesn't add up. For instance, does anyone really think that Michael Strahan is really a better player then Asante Samuel or Mike Vrabel? Or that Plaxico Burress is more valuable then Wes Welker? Come on...

Top Ten
1: Tom Brady
2: Randy Moss
3: Osi Umenyiora
4: Richard Seamour
5: Michael Strahan
6: Plaxico Burress
7: Logan Makins
8: Asante Samuel
9: Mike Vrabel
10: Chris Snee

I suppose they got the top two right... but the list does seem to have a bias towards defensive ends (Richard Seamour when healthy is one of the best players in the NFL but this year wasn't much of an impact player due to injuries and certainly isn't the 4th best player between the two teams). Other stuff from the list; Adalius Thomas is ranked 27th, yep, five slots behind Teddy Bruschi (22) and seven behind Antonio Pierce (20). Question, if a GM of a NFL team was offered Pierce or Thomas which player would they pick? Hmmm.... not that hard... other then the Al Davis hijacked controlled Raiders, every other team, including the Giants, would gladly take Thomas any day over Pierce.

Tash's Top Ten
1: Tom Brady
2: Randy Moss
3: Asante Samuel
4: Osi Umenyiora
5: Vince Wilfork
6: Wes Welker
7: Plaxico Burress
8: Mike Vrabel
9: Logan Makins
10: Dan Koppen

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