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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Looking for the true candidate of change? Well, look no farther than Democrat Mike Gravel! His widespread popularity nationwide, and in fact worldwide, has propelled him to frontrunner status in the 08 election. In fact, the explosion of support for his candidacy is now termed the Gravelboom (see his amazing poll numbers here). Some of his popularity no doubt is due to his deeply held belief that caucuses are abominations!

He said, "If Russia ran elections like we do in the U.S, we'd be criticizing Russia. If you saw how bad these caucuses were, as far as how undemocratic, . . . it's an abomination."

Wow, you could run on just that alone. No wonder he's been whipping Hillary & Obama in the polls. Most American think caucuses are abominations and want a president that shares that belief but until now, no candidate was willing to take the position for some strange reason.

Here's another one of his stunning and extremely controversial ads.

See Gravel's official campaign website here. This guy is going to take the race to convention and win it! Obama, Hillary and Edwards, this guy is your worst nightmare...

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