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Friday, January 25, 2008

Willard Goes On & On & On & On Some More

Who got the most time to speak in last night's debate?

Mitt Romney 21:11 (13 opportunities)
John McCain 16:00 (13 opportunities)
Rudy Giuliani 13:50 (11 opportunities
Mike Huckabee 12:11 (9 opportunities)
Ron Paul 6:31 (6 opportunities)

ummm... yeah, it wasn't just because I'm biased against Willard that made me think that he was going on forever...

Strange...Willard apparently needs help when asked questions about his great grandfather, Ronald Reagan's record. That old tax and spender Reagan!

Good thing we have honest politicians public servants like Mitt Romney today that are willing to spend all of their wealth in order to tell us to vote for them show us the choices we have to vote for and who the really bad guys are the contrasts between the candidates…



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