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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Luckly 12 - Patriots Almost Eaten by Ravans

27 to 24? Taking the lead with under a min. left in the game? Three quick factors that led to last night's game being so close.

1) The wind - it's hard enough to throw against the Ravans on a regular day with normal weather but throw in 30mph bursts of wind and that really makes passing the football more difficult. On Brady's first pass of the game, a short completion to Wes Welker, the football basically wobbled like a duck with a broken wing - not the normal lighting bolts he throws.

2) The Run Defense - Willis McGahee has always had good games vs the Patriots but this one was his personal best ever vs the Pats. The Ravans ran the football, and ran it often. On one drive it seemed like all they did in fact was run it and get at least eight yards on each attempt. Somewhere in the second half I believe McGahee tweaked his foot and that helped to slow him down for the rest of the game. The Patriots are going to stiffen up against the run for next weeks game vs the Steelers if they want to stop Willy Parker.

3) I don't have enough time to figure out a third but one thing every team playing the Pats is doing now is going of 4th down and not kicking field goals. Kind of annoying... and worst of all, the Patriots recently have been terrible on 4th down defense.

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