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Friday, July 13, 2007

Tash trashes brothers birthday baseball game

We had a baseball game earlier today with some friends to celebrate Peter's 171th birthday. There was around fourteen to twelve people total so the teams usually were about six to seven guys - enough to play without the pitcher poison rule! (YeS!) In the first game the team I was on (along with Peter) lost 3 to 2. I went something like 1 for 3 with two walks and an RBI. On the other hand, Peter got picked off first and doubled up when he ran on a fly ball that was caught. Since Matthew T. had gotten his leg twisted up in the 1905 sinking of the Titanic and was unable to run (or wasn't really supposed to run...) he was the pitcher for the other team most of the day and that stunk. His little Austen Crow cutter type pitch was almost impossible to pull to left field or hit very far (like past the mound). It was terrible, it was horrible, it was baseballcide. We almost pulled out a victory because they weren't hitting that great either. A tragedy of life I suppose.

In the second game, birthday boy Peter was on the opposite team this time after we switched around the teams. My team actually threw two perfect innings and were leading three to nothing (two run home run by myself, who got our other run?) before Aidan and I combined to blow the lead in the third inning (two run home run by Peter, RBI by Matthew? 3-3 game). In the 4th inning, we ended up giving up the lead when Peter hit a two run home off someone who wasn't me. As the teams official hitman I came in and hit the next unfortunate batter for his evil deed... Another inning later Peter another single home run to give his team a 6 to 3 lead. Things look dark and glim. Or at least they look dark and glim until Ryan walked and the next batter Aidan hit a line-drive right field two run home run to make us only one point down. Our next time up an inning later (the 9th or whatever, it was the last inning of the game) I hit a three run home run to give my team the lead. In the bottom of the inning Peters team went down one, two, three and the team I was luckily enough to be on was victorious!

The birthday boy LOST!

That's not supposed to happen; is it?

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