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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well.... if you haven't noticed I've been a little busy recently. As I wrote below (about seven days ago....) I had an debate tournament from last Thursday to Saturday. The tournament's name is SUN and don't ask me what SUN stands for because I have no idea. Last year we won first place at this same tournament so there was a little bit of pressure to at least do "ok" this time as well. Our record for the first 6 rounds that decide whether you get into the "playoffs" or outrounds was 5 and 1 with our one lose being our first round vs what would turn out the 2d best team in the tournament and they ended up with a 6 & 0 record in the first 6 rounds so..... yeah..... nothing to cry about. Once we got into the outrounds we lasted through first round and the second but went down blazing in the third (semi-finals) and ended up finishing in third place.

Ironically enough we only lost to one team in the whole tournament (we lost our first debate to the team and then 9 debates, three days later got eliminated by the same team) and both debates from my view were very close so I have to say that SUN went very well even though we didn't repeat as #1. That really wasn't our goal along though. We really just wanted to get into the top 4 and see what happen from there.... so I guess you could say it was a success.



Blogger Alex said...

yes it was a success... we didn't even make the outrounds.

Thursday, 01 March, 2007  

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