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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hunting: Day One

This morning I went deer hunting with my younger brother and dad in the balmy and pleasant woods of Frozen New England. The pleasure and excitement of sitting on a pile of snow and ice, not to mention the pleasant 23 degree air conditioning, waiting for a six hundred pound, eighteen point drooling, pot smoking Buck that would be dumb enough to walk by our position, was invigorating and exhilarating! In fact, after three hours of this endless bliss, we began to wonder if there were any such beasts in the area. I began to have hallucination’s that whole herds of deer we’re stomping past me and that the biggest one stopped five feet directly in front of me and said “Shoot me please! The food here is terrible!”

The hallucinations stopped. My pants were frozen stiff to the ground. I could hardly feel my toes. My fingers were inflated and puffed. And, well, to add to the state of paradise I was in, my face was incased in a sheet of ice created my by breathing. I guess you could say I was thoroughly enjoying the outdoors.

I got back to the house around 9:30,(am) and my family threw my brother and dad (both who had braved the same conditions as I, although I’m sure their trials were far less then mine) and I into the woodstove so we would thaw out. After five minutes they pulled us out and I felt much better. My toes still felt a little tingly, but overall I now feel good enough to go give it another try tomorrow in the hope, yea, the expectation of bagging that six hundred pound, eighteen point, drooling Buck.

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Anonymous SingleMind said...

That sounds like an experience I had almost 4 years ago. I was attempting to run the Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty (50K) race. It was 10 below zero.

At mile 17, I had to drop out due to severe frostbite.

My face was frozen. My legs were frozen. What did it though, was the fact that what was BETWEEN my legs was frozen. :(

THAT is called misery.

Wednesday, 07 December, 2005  
Blogger Teenpact 2006 said...


Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Anonymous Tom said...

10 below 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Blogger Gayle said...

ROTFALMAO! Hysterical post. Probably didn't seem funny to you at the time, but you did a wonderful job of posting a pleasant read. Since most of the time I post (and read) political stuff, this light and frigid post is a pleasant change! Thank you for sharing your freezing experience with us.

Right now, here in the middle of Texas where it is normal for it to reach 110 in the shade, and I have seen 85% at Christmas, we are in a middle of an ice-storm. Global warming indeed! :)

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Blogger Tash said...

Courage? How about Endurance?

85% Christmas?? I've never had one of those....

Thursday, 08 December, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds fun

Friday, 09 December, 2005  
Blogger DJ said...

Slow down! so many posts...

Friday, 09 December, 2005  
Blogger Tash said...

Tooo Bad...

Friday, 09 December, 2005  

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