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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Yeah, The Brady Thing...

For some reason when Brady got injured it almost seemed like it was supposed to happen. After the way the last two season have ended I sort of expect bad things to happen to the Pats. This year the bad stuff just happened on opening day rather than the Super Bowl or AFC Championship. In a since, the injury does make the season a little more interesting because we have the underdog status back that we haven't had for years. Maybe winning won't just be expected, it will be celebrated (and not just winning 16 in a row, just winning any game).

Unlike probably most of the rest of the world (including Vladimir Putin [who just btw signed a 15 year, 400 billion $$$ extension as Russia's dictator], Matt Gutierrez and Chad Jackson), I expect Matt Cassel to fill in pretty well for Brady. Having 8 foot 9 inch stick man Randy Moss running go patterns for you and Wes Welker running around in circles already makes Cassel one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the AFC because unlike some other QB's, he has real targets to throw to. Hey, even I could probobly break the single season touchdown record if I had Moss & Welker to throw to*.

As for my prediction for this weeks game... Pats vs Jets, Belichick vs Mangini, Farve vs Cassel, Randy Moss vs 5-11 Dwight Lowery, and Kris lights out - I'm retiring - the nosetackle Jankins and his D-Line friends vs the Patriots offensive line & the Pats tripled headed (Maroney, Morris, Jordan) running attack... So after an completely unbiased appraisal of the situation. I'm going to predict that the Patriots will win by a score of 35 to 24 (oh yeah, & David Thomas is going to have a big game [and if he doesn't I'll just delete this like it wasn't ever here...])

*assuming that I could also throw to myself and the NFL changed abolished the salary cap so the team could afford to pay me