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Monday, July 21, 2008

Romney as McCain's VP choice: Don't do it!

There's been some recent speculation that McCain might pick Romney as his VP.

That would be a national tragedy. Picking someone of dubious pro-life credentials and a stiff personality is not the way to generate excitement among the base. Even Rush Limbaugh has pooh-poohed a Romney rerun.

Romney's money couldn't buy him victories in the primary season. And I don't buy this talk about McCain attracting Clinton voters by picking a moderate VP. The Clinton cronies are just angling for a VP slot.

McCain has an uphill battle to fight in overcoming the he's-just-Bob Dole-all-over-again factor. A candidate with charisma -- like Huckabee or Jindal -- might give him the needed boost to win it all. Give the nod to Romney and much of the party will nod off to sleep this November.


Anonymous Silas said...

isn't McCain a national tragedy already?

Tuesday, 22 July, 2008  

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