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Monday, July 07, 2008

Fans Strike Out By Picking Tek

The Yankees are sending three players [A-Rod, Jeter and Rivera] and the Red Sox five [Manny, Ortiz, Pedroia, Varitek and Papelbon]. Guys that should be going from each team but aren't include DiceK, Mike Lowell and Mike Mussina. More players could be added as guys drop out due to injuries both real & imagenary.

Here's the American League and National League rosters.

Oh yeah, and how in the world did Jason Veritek make the All-Star team with a 218 batting average? That's nuts. Great job of voting smart Sox fans. There are about fourteen American League catchers more worthy of going than Tek but... whatever.

Yeah... real all pro numbers. The homerun & RBI numbers aren't terrible but the batting average, OBP and strikeout (70 so far on the season - almost twice as much as any other AL catcher this year) numbers are horrible.



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