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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update on the RI Presidential Primary Ballot Status

The final numbers from the Rhode Island Secretary of State website. Hugh Cort, Alan Keyes & Duncan Hunter made it against the odds. Joe Biden just missed by less then 140 signatures and Bill Richardson didn't even come close with only 332 total signatures. Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton & Huckabee all blew everyone else out of the water in the total's count and the Republicans overall had five of their candidates with over 2,000 signatures while the Democrats only had two. Chris Dodd had enough signatures (1612) but apparently not enough of them were real or something weird so he will not appear on the ballot (he ended up pulling out of the race anyways...).

Well here's the final numbers from Ron Paul to Raymond Stebbens (and yeah, I have no idea who he is either).red stands for Republican/ blue for Democrat/ pink for Willard/ and a special real off-white for anarchist Mike Gravel



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