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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New ARG FL Poll

The American Research Group released a poll today showing Huckabee polling in third place in Florida! McCain leads with 29% and Romney comes in second with 23% and Huck in third with 17%. The weird thing about the Florida primary is that the winner, by a billion votes or one vote, wins all of Florida's 50+ delegates. So second place down really doesn't mean too much but Huckabee is still within striking distance so there still is a chance that he could make some major movement, perhaps into first place.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Fred Thompson may be dropping out of the race in the within the next few days. Now Fred and Huck really don't like each other, but at least more then a few Fredheads will jump onto the Huckabee express and Fred finally officially dropping out can do nothing but help Huckabee.
Really, Fred may have been able to win when there was just radio... It really ought to be made a crime to force someone like Fred to run for president. He never really wanted it, and it was all too easy to see. His best line of the whole campaign may have been after he gave a long speech (that cured all those at the event of insomnia) and then ended by asking if he "could have a round of applause..." I think a lot of conservatives were at one point hoping that Fred would be the guy to challenge Guiliani when it was just Romney, McCain and Guiliani (Huck was in single digits and seen as viable as a candidate as Mike Gravel) - and then the Huckaboom happened.

Now Fred's time to exit stage right and leave the race. Rush Limbaugh may cry for weeks but its the smart and right thing to do. The longer Fred stays in, the more divided the conservative base is and the greater chance a moderate like McCain or a liberal like Guiliani gets the GOP nomination.



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