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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

GOP Slugfest

Some early thoughts on what I saw from tonights debate.

The guy who I thought did really well was Mike Huckabee. His answers were to the point and just right on (great humor too - "give Hope [Bill Clinton's & Huckabee's birthplace] another chance"). When I heard the evolution question the first thing I thought was "what does this have to do with anything". From Huckabee initial response - he must have agreed with my thought - but he still had a great answer that was the highlight at least for me in the whole debate.

The only other guys who I thought also did really well was Rudy Giuliani. He totally nailed some of the questions (and flopped on some and even was wrong on some of the questions he nailed...) but just looking at the debate in the political sense (not whether I agree with him or not really factored in), Giuliani gave himself, and his chances of winning the nomination a big boost. Who knows, maybe the lighting striking the building and temporary knocking out his microphone right after he got the abortion question will make him think a little about his position.

Tommy Thompson (good answer on the health care question), Duncan Hunter, Sam Brownback and John McCain all did pretty well, but really didn't have anything earthshattering.

Mitt Romney - not a great night. Yeah, the future may be bright, but there are also some big problems that America is facing now - such as going bankrupt... I didn't really notice that Jim Gilmore was on the stage except when he was claiming to be the only conservative in America. Ron Paul, who had a decent debate, still seems to be setting himself up to run on the libertarian platform.

The "It's Over - BIG TIME" award goes to Tom Tancredo who just got completely smashed and diced. Where in the world did the idea of stopping all immigration come from? Does anyone really believe that lack of English is the greatest crisis facing America? English is not what makes America, America. It's the beliefs that Americans hold that make America, America. To me, I could care less whether the official language of America was French. There's a lot of rotten people that speak English, and there's a lot of rotten people that don't speak English. It really doesn't play significant role in much of anything. I don't know, I'm pretty conservative but I still don't have any problem with people speaking other languages as long as they obey laws and act responsible.

In other news, Fred Thompson seems to officially thrown his hat into the ring of candidates I know pretty much nothing about him. I know he was a actor, and probably claims to be a conservative, but just remember the last "conservative" actor that was elected... Yeah, the one from Calee - fornn - yaahh...



Blogger Coop said...

Man... you really are a politics guru... blech.

Thursday, 07 June, 2007  
Blogger Aaron Cooper said...

So you think Huckabee looks like a real deal, I take it.

Thursday, 07 June, 2007  
Anonymous Narniagirl said...

I think someone has debate on his mind. Hope you guys do good at nationals!

Friday, 08 June, 2007  

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