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Sunday, October 22, 2006

RI Senate election 2006 - Bad Vs. Worse

The question of the year - which is worse - a liberal Republican or a liberal Democrat?

Don't you just love the choices!

Sheldon Whitehouse (D) - 100% Liberal

Lincoln Chaffee - (R) 98.5654% Liberal

Chaffee has a lot of catching up to do on Whitehouse if he ever plans to drive by the real White House at least once a day in 2007. According to a recent poll (October 10th) Whitehouse is leading by a solid 10 points.

In my view the only reason Chaffee won the 2000 election was 1st - the Democrat running against him was pro life, Chaffee is pro death and 2d'ly, Chaffee's father (John Chaffee a one time roommate of Sheldon Whitehouse father...) , a popular RI Senator for many years had just died. However, Chaffee doesn't have any of those factors going for him anymore. Whitehouse is pro death, and the John Chaffee isn't going to pull out any voters this year. So basically - it makes sense that Chaffee numbers are so poor.

But back to the question of which is worse, Sheldon or Lincoln. If I had a vote I would be tempted to vote for myself or John Chaffee. John Chaffee? Let me quickly explain. Lincoln Chaffee voted for George H. W. Bush in the 2004 presidental election - and when asked about it he said something to the effect of "yeah that was a message" (to president Bush on how much he supports him). Well - I would be very inclined to return the favor and "send a message" to Chaffee about what I think of his voting record by voting for his dad. However - only the chance that he might be the deciding factor in who controls the Senate, GOP or the DemoRats would keep me from doing that.

Thanks to Karl Rove and the RNC, Rhode Island voters will be faced with Bad Vs. Worse.



Blogger Narniagirl said...

Go John Chafee!!

Tuesday, 24 October, 2006  

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