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Monday, October 30, 2006

Calling All True Patriots

First of all - Go Patriots. (they play tonight 8: 30 ET, ESPN) I think they have really good chances tonight of beating the Minnesota Vikings by a good 134 points. But anyways - so far this season NE has looked good on both defense and offense and really has stepped up their special teams production. However one of the more amazing parts of this season is how much the Patriots have NOT missed all the important players that left before and during this season! Below is a list of some of the players that left the Pat's this offseason and how their doing with their new teams. Notice with the exceptions of Adam Vinatieri and Deion Branch all of the rest of this group has had their production dramatically decrease! (if your still reading this and you don't know who the Patriots are - or don't care - then congratulations!)

* Kicker Adam Vinatieri (Colts) -- 3 games, 10-of-10 on field goals, 7-of-7 on point-after attempts, 1 touchback

* Receiver Deion Branch (Seahawks) -- 4 games, 3 starts, 15 catches for 216 yards, 2 touchdowns

* Wide receiver David Givens (Titans) -- 4 games, 8 catches, 104 yards 0 touchdowns

* Offensive tackle Tom Ashworth (Seahawks) -- 6 games played, all as a reserve; set to make first start Sunday vs. the Chiefs

* Outside linebacker Willie McGinest (Browns) -- 5 games, 12 tackles, 2 sacks

* Reveiver Tim Dwight (Jets) -- 5 games, 2 starts, 8 catches for 49 yards; 5 punt returns for 37 yards (7.4 avg.)

* Receiver Andre Davis (Bills) -- 7 games, 1 start, 0 catches

* Tight end Christian Fauria (Redskins) -- 7 games, 0 starts, 2 catches for 17 yards

This should be a lesson to any Patriots player that is thinking of jumping ship....

Of course (and naturally) the Patriot MVP so far has to be Me. I have bravely watched every Pat's games so far, which of course - has inspired them to greatness. Where they would be without me is mindboggling -even unthinkable. Hey- just look at how bad the Red Sox did this season. Case closed.

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