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Monday, October 16, 2006

Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!

I now have over 1000 pages of debate evidence! HaaHaa!! Power!.....

One thing that's bad about doing so much research on the subject this year is that I now realize that there are no good affirmative cases. There's only o-k ones. But that's not really too much of a problem because I like being negative more then affirmative anyways. But it does pose a problem for 50% of the time that I have to be affirmative... We'll just have to figure out a way to win anyways......

The Yankees finished as the #1 team in the AL. Thats pretty good - even though they once again did not make it past the first round of the playoffs I still enjoyed cheering for them this year and I expect better things next year. I really think that their only two good starting pitchers and a solid relief pitcher away from winning a World Series.

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Blogger Narniagirl said...

Try writing an affirmative case for: Democracy is overvalued by the United States Government!! It's twisted!!! The affirmative team is against democracy!!! Well I guess it doesn't matter if your tp or ld, both are hard.

Tuesday, 17 October, 2006  
Anonymous Aidan said...

Democracy is not always that good. Look at the example of Palestinians. The must radical goup can still win under it(humas).
In some ways this year, LD has a big advantage this year.
Everybody doing it is new, compared to TP. Were everybody is old, and is craving victory!
Also, with this year TP resolution there are about 36 cases you have to defend against. Well with LD you just need a generic Neg. and Aff. Case( or at least from what I understand about it)
I must say, TP and LD are great resolutions!

Tuesday, 17 October, 2006  

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