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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Raiders Vs. Patriots Season Opener

They should be starting soon. Got to run....But I typed out my prediction for the game a couple of days ago so I could post it here and be made to look like a fool....

Patriots Vs Raiders: Pat’s win 42 to 13. This is going to be their best game of the year. You can expect Correy Dillon to gain at least 130 yards are so on the ground with powerful running to the outside where he’ll brake at least one long one. As for the passing game Tom Brady will throw for 346 yards with three touchdowns, with Deion Branch and Ben Watson being the main targets of the night. The defense will have three picks and one F.R. for touchdown.

Ok, now if any of this comes true then I’ll be a genius. And if it’s all wrong then what do I have to lose? Go Patriots!

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