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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roberts must be good if Kennedy is scared of him!

Kennedy is apparently afraid that John Roberts is pro-life:

"During the nomination hearing for Judge Roberts' position on the Court of Appeals, Senator Edward Kennedy said:

I am concerned about Mr. Roberts’ efforts to limit reproductive rights as a Government lawyer, his advocacy against affirmative action, and Federal Environmental Protection Laws in his efforts to shield states from individual suits, and to limit Congress’s ability to pass legislation regulating state conduct in the name of the states’ rights."

Source: Wikipedia removed entry. See Senator Kennedy's statement on Roberts.



Blogger Your Fearless Leader said...

hey, cool blog... come and see mine!


Wednesday, 20 July, 2005  
Anonymous A Observer said...

Hey, Kennedy with the red sox trophy. That shows one point.

Wednesday, 20 July, 2005  

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